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Logo Team ( Crystal Ball ) New Season


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Update Team New Seson 2011-12

Bundesliga 18 team

Eedivisie 18 team

Leuge 1 20 team

Majer Leuge 18 team

Npower championship 24 team

Premeir Division 20 team

Premiership 20 team

Russian Premier League 18 team

Serie A 20 team

Thai divition 1 18 team

Thai Premier League 18 team

Liga Sagres 16 team

The PES2011UDE and PES_2011_Editor_v1.5. The latter is used to change the image file in your save file to remove the EDIT program, but not the latter because the GGS does not save the image as it PNG8.

filesonic.jpg fileserve.jpg uploading2.jpg

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Excited for the new season with Team Crystal Ball, The logo speaks volumes—innovation, foresight, and a touch of magic. Ready to witness the team's mystical journey, predictingg victories and shaping destiny on the field. Let the crystal-clear strategy and teamwork unfold. Best of luck to the players and the entire Team Crystal Ball.

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