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Fifa 19 Serbian Super Liga Qatar 22-23


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WIP mod:

First: Why has nobody done this yet??


An update. I have done a lot! All Serbia League teams have custom banners, flags, crests and Kitpreview! 16 teams in S. League! (will probably add more)? All teams have REAL players. With real stats. (Except Partizan and Red Star) will do them as well!

All data taken directly from Football manager 2023! Includes over 50 national teams , still need to add few more!


Fully working female national teams.

Career fully working for Serbia League!

Real stadium names for Serbia.

Real Coach names.


Real Towns.

Full real roster of Serbia And Croatia National teams for Qatar!

Custom made :

Banners, Flags, scarfs, crests, emblems all Serbian teams.



What needs to be done: Kits, Only 4 of 16 (Serbian league) teams have real kits. Rest have fake generic kits. But that takes a lot of time.

Rework faces and hair. A lot of them look similar. But i have idea how to do that. Just need to work on it.     Done

Mini Faces. -- I don't think i will ever do this. There are over 600 new players in this league. Just collecting images for each would take too much time and i dont even think that game has that many free unused ID's to assign faces.

Bačka Topola
Radnik Surdulica
Proleter (RFK Novi Sad)
OFK Beograd
Radnički 1923
Crvena Zvezda
Radnički Niš


Full list of leagues available:

Argentina Primera División  (1)
Australia Hyundai A-League (1)
Austria Bundesliga (1)
Belgium Jupiler Pro League (1)
Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro (1)
Chile Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank (1)
China Super League (1)
Colombia Liga Aguila (1)
Czech Fortuna liga (1)
Denmark Superliga (1)
England EFL Championship (2)
England EFL League One (3)
England EFL League Two (4)
England Premier League (1)
France Ligue 1 (1)
France Ligue 2 (2)
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)
Germany 2. Bundesliga (2)
Germany 3. Liga (3)
Greece Superleague (1)
Holland Eredivisie (1)
International Women
Italy Serie A (1)
Italy Serie B (2)
Japan J1 League (1)
Korea K-League Classic (1)
Mexico Liga MX (1)
Norway Eliteserien (1)
Poland Ekstraklasa (1)
Portugal Liga NOS (1)
Rep. Ireland Airtricity League (1)
Russia Premier League (1)
Saudi Dawry Jameel League (1)
Scotland Premiership (1)
Serbian SuperLiga
Spain Primera Division (1)
Spain Segunda A (2)
Sweden Allsvenskan (1)
Switzerland Super League (1)
Turkey Süper Lig (1)
USA Major League Soccer (1)





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Nice m8, great work!!! Did you made all work alone? 

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2 hours ago, dani12o82 said:

Nice m8, great work!!! Did you made all work alone? 

Surely not. I didnt credit everyone as its not really a release yet.  Kits were made by a lot of different people. I made banners, flags, some kits .Serbia liga is full rip of from Football manager. I ripped the data.

I find my self mainly stopped by limitation of being unable to inject what ever and only can inject things in ID's within things that already exist :(

Second limitation is compdat. Tracking down numbers in head across 10 different txt files is borderline nuts. Back in the day i used to work with SQL so it isnt problem with data. But when u cant figure what line represent what its pure chaos. Tracking down one number across multiple sheets which then leads all the way to eng_dat.db is crazy .My main desire was to make fake Balkan cup with relegations and such. 

That kind of work is best for people with disassembling skills..reverse engineering ..not my forte. 

And finally main and biggest limitation is information.. I really resent Discord for existing. Flow of information on internet is crippled beyond repair because of it. People are hiding behind discord and as result every knowledge is lost. Discord shouldn't exist or at least not with the functionality it has now!

Wasted entire week just to learn whats what. 

All the data has been done through excel. 


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