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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

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PES to be 'totally changed' for PES 2015



"We know what's been going wrong with PES," admits Konami Europe boss. "We are working on that."


PES is to be "totally changed" for this year's release, Konami has revealed, citing 2014 as a "transitional year for the franchise".

Discussing this year's title with MCV, Konami Europe head Shinji Hirano revealed that while he "can't say certain things about PES 2015... we are ready to make a comeback.

"I cannot give details on exactly what we are doing with the UK studio, but they are working on the next project and looking at the needs of the European people. It's about globalising the franchise, so it is not just being developed by Japanese people."

Konami opened a UK arm of PES Productions in 2012, which is believed to be heavily involved in the development of a next-gen version of PES.


And the publisher appears to have recognised mistakes it has made with the series in recent years, and has big hopes to revive it with this year's title.

"We know what's been going wrong with PES," added Hirano, "we are working on that. The next version is totally changed. 2014 is a transitional year for the franchise, so expect big things."


Konami skipped a next-gen release of PES 2014 last year, despite the two consoles being available shortly after the game's initial release.

Instead, the series will be making its next-gen debut on PS4 – and presumably Xbox One – later this year.

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I tako...krece ista prica kao i svake godine a mi se, kao i uvijek, nadamo da barem ima jedna rijec, u svemu sto ce reci vezano za novi PES, koja ima veze sa istinom i krajnjim produktom.

Valjda su i oni svjesni da vecina ljudi ima vrlo kratko pamćenje pa mogu svake godine da pricaju istu pricu kako znaju sta ne valja i kako ce naredna verzija da bude ona prava.


Jedina kljucna stvar u svemu ovome je ta sto je sledeca verzija PES-a kljucna za Konami, ako nastavi seriju promašaja mislim da ce tu i biti kraj PES-a na nasu zalost, ali i njihovu.


Sto je previse brate, previse.

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ne znam za vas, ali ja se nisam nadao ni ovom pesu tacno sam imao predosecaj. Nazalost imam isti predosecaj i za sledeci. kraj PES serijala :(

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Guest Imax
Guest Imax

Ma kakav kraj ? Pes nije najbolje odrađen , ali ne postoji ništa ni blizu Pes-u . Meni je i ovakav Pes mnogo bolji od Fife . Malo samo da doteraju određene stvari i to je to . Meni ni ovaj Pes sa određenim pečevima nije toliko loš .

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ne postoji nista ni blizu pesu ? Pokusaj da budes bar malo objektivniji i da probas obe igrice, promenice ti se misljenje.

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Guest Imax
Guest Imax

Probao sam . Svake godine instaliram obe .

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Ukusi su razni i to sve stoji. Ali sa nekim cinjenicama se tesko moze nositi. Uopste u svijetu, opada interesovanje za PES, nama starijim koji igramo od prvog PES-a je malo teze se pomiriti sa nekim stvarima, ali PES vec dosta vremena ide u jednom pravcu, a to je nažalost na dole. U 2014 po meni ideja je bila dobra, barem pravac, ali realizacija katastrofalna. Nadogradnja ove verzije u nekim kljucnim segmentima bi mogla vratiti PES na staro dobro poznate mjesto, nadam se da ce tako i biti

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Let’s make a wishlist on PES 2015. Leave short comments with your own wishes and will update this.


01. Make a better advantage rule in game. Many times the game is stopped when you are on counter attack and there is a faul that you can’t even see, just because the other player slided.

02. When the ball is out, don’t change the screen. Let the player get the ball in his hands and throw the ball in. This make game more fluid.

03. Add chat in game online.

04. Add rain and rainy turf. (see point 31)

05. Add snow and snowy turf. (see point 31)

06. Add a tiny scoreboard editor in game (+votes).

07. Add a tiny stadium editor in game.

08. Many times when it’s offside will show the side of the pitch from where the ball started and not the offside line, and player don’t see what really happened.

09. Add a league creator (+votes)

10. Make shoot more powerfull.

11. More Graphical options in setup so PC users can tweak things such as depth of field settings (on/off) vsync in game & AA levels. Rather than just low/medium/high … give sliders for what values are within these stages.

12. Heart mode on/off option in all modes & cups and competitions not just in casual game mode.

13. Cut scenes – Always/Rare/Off menu option ( let the user decide not Konami on whether we see cut scenes and how much) online maybe but not for off line.

14. Smoother cut scenes, no more pausing at the end of a scene to switch the next, more fluid and no “end pause” before moving on.

15. CPK pack Modding support, ability to have in-game “load order” mod cpk awareness. No more hex edits but support to dynamic switch in out cpk packs and change load orders.

16. Option in settings to select if we want to see replay view (replay view as in replay with controls menu for play/pause etc) after goal scored .. on/off. We still get after game/goal replays/highlights but once the replay is shown of the goal just scored if I press controller button to skip I dont HAVE to THEN skip or be dropped into the replay control playback menu mode every time, gets annoying.

It’s either that or add an on screen button while goal replay is happening like X to “skip replay” or Y for ” enter replay edit mode” so I can get back to the match or pick to drop to replay edit mode If I want.

17. Config option for dynamic change of more things like – goal net type / net colour / flag / ball (hi vis ball for night matches for example normal for day) that can be tied to stadium or team like adboards can using config.xml entries.

That way a team can have its own ball set (2 options for day and night matches)/corner flag type (rather than currently you only have 1 flag slot to mod)/net type and colour tied to it wherever team plays and like adboards now you can at the moment set it tied to a certain stadium if you want all via config, or if possible via edit mode option under “team” edit options.

18. Config option for wipes/replay anims to tie to certain competitions (instead of only having one graphic slot) for modders to use via config.xml entry.

19. Overhaul and new GUI/Menu (bran new design FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!) and on PC support mouse control in menus rather than the “console port” way of just controller its so dated and really will put people off.

20. Fix for AI routine for “knows about” when pushed off ball and loose balls in collision or tackle) to better react and get back to ball to avoid AI suddenly becoming clueless as to where the ball is.

21. Refs need to have more strictness options for more foul calls

22. GK change of anims to stop angle shots to hit knee (squat anim) causing parry into goal or better positioning detection, better detection routine of what anim to use to avoid parrying angle into goal.

23. Option to play more than one team in a cup/competition (IE: like fifa)

24. Edit mode, ability to import data from a player (using base copy) and then add a face afterwards from another player or your own player face & body detail

At the moment you have to copy all face/head info as well as stats … would be nice to copy only stats and adapt to existing body/face like a merge option merge.

25. More cut scene variation for GK celebration behind net shots, as they only have one (Ironic that we get to see this one only animation cut even more often and yet Konami force us to not see other cut scenes very often).

26. Cut scenes to player reaction (when set to always option) if a shot on gaol goes far and breaks game play IE like fifa) not the same as the replay when near miss but just in general if ball goes out after tussle for throw in or long shout skied etc.

27. Change in variation of “foot clipped” animation … far to much of the same “one leg up in the air and both hands to the ground” animation when collision of foot happens, can be quite tiring to look through a match if it happens often with tussles and tackles.

A stumble forward (or whatever force direction) anim variant would help here.

28. Tweak of collision detection on bodies, if legs get caught inside other players legs a player can literally drag them across the pitch like a manekin on rails until the collision anim breaks links, also some other glitchy effect can happen with direct bodies hitting one another at pace.

29. Some drop in front pressure after a certain amount of time with getting tired, yet to see players start to lag once stamina is in the red.

If front pressure is on late in half time forwards shouldn’t be able to keep up such strict pressure at such a late period of the game with energy levels (unless they are a fresh sub of course)

31. Dynamic weather duration, if I play 30 min halves then a winter match at 3:00 PM (if we could set it) games become night by end of match.

32. Like Fifa an option of time setting for match between 12 – 8 PM etc and weather reflect this with low sun effect / dusk etc depending on season.

33. More features in career mode with a calendar!

34. A change in player shouts from pitch in English, a tweak in variation of “watch out!” and “over here” .. they can be very annoying and more obvious than other calls so a variation of those would be welcomed.

35. Please add support for custom chants into the PC version, I do not see the logic in supporting this feature on consoles and then removing it on the platform which is THE most editable of all platforms and even easier to set up with custom features.

36. Custom menu/replay music support as well.

37. Update to some variation in commentary .. or even a new set of commentators to use in certain modes (that we can choose to use for tournaments via edit mode setting)

38. Improve the transfer system in ML

39. In ML , add recent scores in games, like a popup that shows if team scored a goal in their match.

40. Improve passing and player movement.

41. Add more leagues and tournaments and more divisions to each league.

42. Shadow future player

43. The movement of players that in PES 14 is like ice skating on grass like FIFA series must be first to change and more precise quick passes stronger shoot .

44. Real Calender Transfer, Summer and Winter Exp: England and Spain have difference calender, EPL not winter holiday like Spain and Germany.

45. Power Shot like PES 13

46. Different commentators for each league

47. Add national anthem for each national team

48. Difference gloves goalkeeper, but, armband, ball in difference week exp: winter ball

49. News football like PES 11 in ML

50. Please make PES 14 back previous PES 13 or 12 but acting more PES 14 nowdays

51. More League exp: Bundesliga, Ukraine, Belgium and club in UEFA n Europa League club

52. All 2nd division please because have potential young player

53. Add stadium for team who is top 4 in league.

54. Zidane/Pirlo penalty kick style please.

55. Menu like in PES 2013.

56. More than 50 types of fans, pyrotechnics, flags banners in PES 6 and fan CHANTS

57. Official adboards for each league, chants and trophies

58. GK glove selection

59. GK Kit selection

60. Neck warmer

61. Fingertip save

62. Louder goalnet sound when the ball hit the net

63. Contract extension for became a legend

64. Change squad number in BAL

65. Negotiate salary in BAL

66. Player index training in ML

67. Pes 2015 should have manager mode

68. Option to select how many fake leagues you wanna have in your game

69. More animation for intros with more commentary, imagine stadiums seeing from the top (like winning eleven 10), people enteriyng the stadiums, commentary guys make in 3D and all stuffs icon_surprised.gif

70. More variant of animations during the game

71. Better goalkeeper

72. More dinamic master league, better transfers, more customizable training for teams, get back the players “personalitys” like in pes 2011, managers and team trainers like pes2013 and before

73. Variable weather like if it stop raining, starts again, get harder, stops, you know)

74. Better crowdes variant (specially for south america and low teams of europe) not only one chant for league or one team with all the chants

75. Make transfer fees and player salaries realistic. Also, realistic amount of money to clubs.

76. Improve club ranking system.

77. League edit option should be there. Fake leagues should be fully editable. Additional league slots should be supported in game so that users can add more leagues.

78. Option for changing kits in Master League. Kits should be editable and changeable at the end of each calendar year. Templates for kits and sponsors will be useful.

79. Call name for classic player

80. Fix collisions between two players in the air, as it sometimes they does not respond to pressing the buttons.

81. More options & Stats influence for MANUAL PLAYERS

82. Insert free side selection in cups and UCL.

83. Please Include Indian NT, MALAYSIA NT, Israel National Team.

84. Put statistics in game play like “ball possesion”, “attempts on goal” during match not at the end and half-time!

85. Commentator to give more information in the match at least for popular clubs and players.

86. I’d like to see the players conflicts in match. Makes it more real!

87. More options and controls in game menu.

88. The mode hands. If the ball touch the hand of the players its a free kick or a penalty

89. Replace english comentator Jim Beglin & John Champion, they were many years in pes, we need a change.

90. How about players reacting after missing a shot while the play continues…

Like a long range shot from a way out and hits the post, then (Wesley Sneijder for example) grabs his head and gets frustrated or some…

Shinji Hirano on MCV : “The next version is totally changed. 2014 is a transitional year for the franchise, so expect big things.” What do you want implemented in PES 2015 ?

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Zaboravio je prskalice i grejace za teren :),

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Demo For PES 2015 Confirmed


Today’s tweet from ‏@officialpes says : The demo for the upcoming PES is far away ;)




Does this means we will have a demo in july, august or september ? We hope so …

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Коначно су схватили да им је ова пес сезона бити - или не бити. Не очекујем апсолутно ништа ни од надолазећег издања,тим се мање и разочарам. У сваком случају демо би најбоље лег'о у јулу,што да се испроба сама игра,што због еуфорије која у летошњи период настаје. За мене би позитивно било када би 2К почео да производи фудбал,али да не скрећем са теме,никаква очекивања немам,али се опет надам бољитку у односу на ову годину (није ни сад пес тако лош,али далеко је то од игривог и оног чему треба да се тежи).

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Jos je rano da se pije. Sacekajte DEMO prvo pa onda komentarisite kakva je igra.

Misliš ako bude uopšte i izbacio demo ?

Edited by NikyKg98

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