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PES 2014 - Najava

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (known also as PES 2014) is the thirteenth edition of the game developed and published by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. Some of the main futures that may be in the new pes 2014 demo are listed below :


Barycentre Physics and Ball control : new fox engine makes it possible for a much larger separation between player and the ball to help make tackling easier. You will have the ability to control your player’s weight shifts at all situations and use practice touches to push the ball away from your feet. You now control the player and the physics drives the animation, opportunity for a radical new control scheme that might be a revelation in football video game control.


Contact and Physicality : a weakness in previous pes games, but now players can jostle for space, even without having the ball, for headers at the corners, or even to dominate a smaller adversary.

You will be able to tug shirts, cloth is now separate from the player’s body and stretches, and also elbow for room on the touchline. It works in conjunction with the physics and precision control. Good players can unbalance defenders with dropped ball skills or shoulders, and push the ball further ahead to exploit their speed.


Squad Emulator: Formations continue to be essential for success, however , now you can set ‘zones of play’ so your key players concentrate on certain tactics in mission-critical areas. You will have the ability to recognise your favourite teams pattern of play in just few minutes.


We must not forget the new feature of PES 2014 engine – the use of Players Motivation Stat, an impact to the psychological side of the game. A chanting supporting home crowd can lift up players morale while disturbing the rivals. That being said all we can do now is wait for the pes 2014 demo release date, in august or september. Check our homepage for more news, maybe it’s there now.

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System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 2.6GHz or equivalent


• GFX: NVidia GGeForce GT 440

• GXF RAM: 512MB of RAM, Pixel shader 3.0, DirectX 9.0c compatible video card


Bedak,neću moći da igram.

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Ja mislim da ke jos rano za ovekve teme sa ovakvim naslovima, daj neko neka spoji sve teme za pes 2014 u jednu!


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Pocele su vijesti da se pojavljuju a to znaci da ce ih biti sve vise i vise, mozda jedino ime teme da se promjeni iz demo u mozda najava ili prvi podatci ili nesto u tom smislu, ali sto se tice same teme, neka stoji

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Ja cu izgleda morati da idem da berem voce da bi zaradio za ovakav komp,jer od caleta slaba vajda :(

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PES 14 će verovatno sadržati Azijsku Ligu Šampiona.


Kreativni producent Pro Evolution Soccera 14, Kei Masuda, objasnio je kako se nada da će novi FOX grafički endžin učiniti jako mnogo za ovu igru.


Govoreći za OPM, Masuda je o PES 14 rekao: “Naš glavni cilj jeste da vam dopustimo da pobedite s timom koji volite. Ukoliko u našoj igri bude moguće da sa slabim timom pobedite jak, to će biti velika razlika u odnosu na FIFA.

On ipak priznaje da je PES serijal svih ovih godina bio u krizi jer prelazak sa prošle na sadašnju generaciju konzole nije tekao glatko.

Najviše smo se mučili sa onlajnom. Dok smo prelazili na PS3, EA je promenio endžin, ali naš je ostao baziran na onome za PS2. Samo smo doterali animacije i neke stvari kod AI rutine.

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Zvanicno je potvrdjeno prisustvo PES2014 na E3




Potvrdjen je i PC demo.

Demo izlazi krajem avgusta.

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Zvanicno je potvrdjeno prisustvo PES2014 na E3




Potvrdjen je i PC demo.

Demo izlazi krajem avgusta.

Ima jos do avgusta :)

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PES 2014 Wishlist


PES 2014 is going to be released this autumn and if you have any wishes we hope Konami will listen to you too and add your wish in the next PES 14 game.




Top wishes for PES 2014 :


• More accurate player attributes and more frequent/timely squad updates

• 5v5/10v10, something equivalent to FIFA’s “Clubs” mode

• Improved atmosphere and fans, improved gameplay animations too.

• More famous stadium of english clubs

• More famous stadium of turkish clubs

• Separate tackling ability from the Defense ability

• Goalkeeper Position for Became a Legend

• Online playing set on top player,

• Master league changes required..need became a refree, in master leage, more stories is needed. playing for 1 months thats enough to play pes soo need changes in master league…

• Referee should be improved, HANDBALL SHOULD BE ADDED, In transfer negotation, amount of money should be added to buy players, scouting team must me more flexibility , lob ball should be improved, real celebration of top players should be added more. hamstring,injury between the game should be added

• My wish in pes 2014 is 1-when player retires in become a legend is to be a coach .. 2- players who retire dont come again in the youth team .. 3- more history information in master league about football and focus on the coaches ,, like faces and names of them ,, and a highly focused tactics edit ,, and more dribbles and skills ,, and each player has his own skill ,, more leagues and tournaments ,, and in master league ,, player can coach a national team .. and please more african national teams

• The academy should really be using the club’s young players and young players can really customize each continent or country Astdadbaby we’re growing them in a club such as the FIFA

• Club World Cup should be added in league mode,master league mode and become a legend mode also the super cup for the 3 or 4 big leagues (Serie A,EPL,La Liga and Bundsliga).

• Conferences before and after big events such as Uefa Champions League final,World Cup Final and the title matches every season.

• Seria bueno mejorar el modo liga, también mejorar un poco el realismo de los jugadores y agregar mas color en el juego,

• More leagues like, argentina, turkisk, greece…

• Master league negations come better

• Better game

• Better Goalkeeper

• Fixed Kits on all teams and nations(Icons too)

• Improved Tackle

• Manager transfer in Master League

• More licenses

• No fake teams

• Korean Caster

• K-League

• Owner mode

• Trade


(wish list above is around the world, add yours here too)


What are your wishes for pes 2014 demo ? Leave them in a comment below :)


* a much better defense has to be done in the game. When sending the ball into open player with middle to the attacker, then the defense of what keeps the attacker happens to be running away from the ball and the attacker or simply open way to the goal or pass the ball past the defense and not give him the ball to stop . it often happens that the attacker stronger of the two defenders. and so the game can receive more than 4 goals in the same game, and I play a passing game like many others, individuals play the easy way and unrealistic and receive. everything else is great and realistic. The PES is the best.

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Sudeći po ovom intervjuu, ovo su takmičenja i lige koje će biti u PES 2014. Ako je izvor uopšte tačan, navodno taj Alain Toinard radi u marketingu francuske fudbalske federacije. Imate na tom sajtu i PART I intervjua koji je isto zanimljiv, a PART III tek treba da bude večeras ili sutra.



Spoiler za Timovi i lige:

International Competitions


World Cup (fictitious)

Club World Cup (fictitious)

Euro (fictitious)

African Cup of Nations (fictional)

Copa America (fictitious)

Asian Cup (fictitious)

Continental Competitions


UEFA Champions League

UEFA Europa League

UEFA Super Cup

Bridgestone Copa Libertadores

Copa Bridgestone Sudamericana

AFC Champions League

National Competitions




Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 (All Stadiums of the 1st Division)

Eredivisie (3 Stadiums)

Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante (All Stadiums of the 1st Division)

Series A (all teams licensed)

English Premier League (all depends on the contract renewal between EA and EPL to be held in November this year and will last for three years)

Russian Premier League (licensed) (5 Stadiums)

Ukrainian Premier League (licensed) (2 Esádios)



J-League 1 (licensed) (6 Stadiums)

Chinese Super League (licensed) (3 Stadiums)

Q-League (Qatar Stars League - Official Name) (licensed with no official stadium yet)



First División de Argentina (all teams licensed least name and official league shield) (4 Stadiums)

League Brazil (all teams licensed least name and official league shield) (All Stadiums)

League Petrobras Chile (licensed) (2 Stadiums)

Liga Mexicana (Mexico) (all teams licensed least name and official league shield) (3 Stadiums)



League PES (all teams with name and alloy shell fictitious)

WE League (all teams with name and alloy shell fictitious)

Super Soccer League (all teams with name and alloy shell fictitious)


преузето са http://www.sk.rs/forum

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EDGE magazine Details of PES 2014 :


1 - Motor based on Fox Engine, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros.


2 - Motor referred to as “New Engine”.


3 - New physics engine uses “Baricentro Physical”. This causes different parts of the player’s body have different weights.


4 - Collisions between players are similar to those of FIFA.


5 - The collision impact strength depends on which part of the player’s body is reached.


6 - Team game’s developer is focusing on “photo-realism” for ultra realistic graphics.


7 - A close up of the face of a Japanese player in EDGE shows the skin pores and detailed individual eyebrows.


8 - Shirts are “separate” from the body of the player.


9 - Shirts are “wrinkled” when there are jerks and physical contact.


10 - Ball greater control range is 3 times higher than the current generation, providing more contests without the ball, while the legs of the player attempts to gain control of the ball.


11 - You can set a player for “zone”. This allows a player to be able to move a small area of ​​the field.

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PES 2014 Official Announcement Soon ?


The announcement of the PES series games is quite random since PES’s previous announcements were made in very different times, for example:


PES 2008 on 18/06/2007

PES 2009 on 23/06/2008

PES 2010 on 08/04/2009

PES 2011 on 04/05/2010

PES 2012 on 13/05/2011

PES 2013 on 18/04/2012

PES 2014 on …


EA will continue using the current generation of engine in FIFA 14 but Konami in PES 2014, will use a new engine based on the Fox Engine, a beautiful kickoff.


The community say that the announcement of PES 2014 would only be carried out during the Konami Pre-E3 Show and many news about the upcoming PES14 will be revealed there … can this be true ?


What do many non remembered that Konami is always “sticks to queue” in the major events of the games making known “Konami Pre-E3 Show” which is a warm up for E3 where the game will probably be announced along with some other news.


Konami Pre-E3 Show will be held on June 6, Thursday, at 19:00 CEST (18:00 in UK) and will be broadcast live on PES Magazine & GameSpot. We will keep you updated with latest pes 2014 news !

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Konami have just revealed this short trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 showing pieces of the new PES game. The PES 2014 Teaser Trailer is shot in black and white, perhaps to mark a return to the roots of Pro Evolution Soccer.


We can not see a lot in this short video, yet it appears we will have much better 3D grass, more details crowds and mosaics in PES 2014.


We will surely get to more next week at Konami's Pre-E3 Show. Meanwhile you can check out all other PES 2014 News or have a quick look at our PES 2014 Features Overview.















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Pa ja vjerujem da je ovo godina "biti ili ne biti" za Konami sto se tice PES-a, ako i sad ne naprave kako treba ili barem u tom pravcu, tesko da ce uspjeti da se priblize EA-u i Fifi

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Slazem se u totalu, mada Fox engine je stvarno dobar i ne verujem da nece da iskoriste tako dobar engine za novi pes. Ali jos je rano da ista pricamo itd, sacekacemo da se pojavi prvi screen i video pa ce vidimo sta nam je spremio KONAMI ove godine. U demu ce sve biti jasno sta nas ocekuje od pes-a.

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