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FIFA 12 Gameplay Evolution 4.0 BETA 2

Author: Doctor

8t9g5wsl.jpg 4ucfmaft.jpg

- Fixed and increased referee strictness.

- Tackling system improved.

- Some minor fix/addon.


Increased game realism/playing time.

Totally new and improved passing system (all passing type: pass, cross, ground, lob, through pass.)

New defenders movements on field.

New game dynamics in the match.

New advanced tweaked AI mentality-tactics-reactions.

Increased Crowd sounds tune enhancing/reaction.

Increased difference altitude home and away teams.

Tweaked and improved all gameplay/AI effects in game.

New AVG players skills/attributes system. (also on 3.0 final)

Realistic and smothly gameplay speed.

Realistic Stamina and Fatigue system.

Realistic and natural ball touch.

Increased and tweaked ball control, for many players the stop system is totally new.

AI improved/new features both CPU/HUMAN on attack and defense.

Balanced/Realistic CPU skill level (all difficulty levels).

Really balanced in all aspects!

..+ other stuff that you discover when play!

+ All tested previous features (GP EVO 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 series)


This patch version is also out on beta folder (click update button on GP EVO TOOL 2), download and install.

This patch is a standalone version (previous version isn’t required), install and play the game.

This installation is compatible with GP EVO TOOL 2 FULL.

In case that GP EVO TOOL 2 + is installed, this installation update automatically the tool with this new gameplay patch version, ready to manage.

This installation also work without GP EVO TOOL 2+ installed.

FULL AUTO INSTALLATION (valid for GP EVO TOOL update with this new GP version or standalone installation patch without tool)

Run automatic setup file and install on FIFA12 MAIN FOLDER (EA SportsFIFA 12 or Origin GamesFIFA 12).

At the end of the install process the Fifa12i68Regenerator will pop out, click Go (select take care of edited files stored in folders).

(If the Fifa12i68Regenerator does not start automatically, run manually with admin right – Windows7/Vista).


I suggest for manage/switch from GP EVO/Original GP to download and install GP EVO TOOL 2+. (http://www.fifa-patch.com/2011/11/fifa-12-gameplay-evolution-fifa-tool-plus-2-0.html)

If you have problems, Open Fifa12 i68Regenerator program with admin right (Windows7/Vista).

Another important suggestion for remove, solve lag or crash with GP EVOs or any other patches/mods:

On i68Regenerator: first regenerate game files with option “ignore edited files stored in folders” and click GO!

Close the regenerator. Re-open regenerator and regenerate again with option “Take care of edited files…..” and click GO!

GP EVO is designed with defaul sliders gameplay customization (adjust as desired settings from menù)

GP EVO is complatible with all sliders gameplay customization.

GP EVO is compatible with old careers and profiles.

For full gameplay experience play on Manager Mode/Tounament mode

Play the game with manual or semi assisted mode (passing, shot, cross, etc.)

Play the game with double analogic gamepad (Xbox360 or PS3 gamepad)

Play game on high difficulty skill level (wc or legendary) only if you are an insane player, otherwise reduce/adjust the skill level from menù.

Play on Manager mode/Tounaments (Min 10 min)

Play game on slow speed (or adjust to options favorite speed)

GP EVO isn’t a database patch.

Perfecly compatible with all eventual or future db gameplay.

I remember that is severly forbidden edit and publish for public my GP without my permission.

The edit of my GP is allowed only for personal use.

For everyone that wants to share his personal GP EVO REWORKS, contact me, i upload on the GP EVO REWORKS folder, for allow users to download with update plug-in in GP EVO TOOL 2+ (for more info contact me or read additional info in tool).

Special thanks to FIFA 12 EA Development Team!

EA Sports., Electronic Arts Inc. is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. EA develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for video game systems, personal computers, wireless devices and the Internet.

EA SPORTS, the EA SPORTS logo, Electronic Arts. and FIFA 12 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

filesonic.jpg filepost.jpg

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[h=2]FIFA 12 Updated English Premier League chantpack by barcalaci84[/h]de4wdhjm.png

Chants for all 20 English Premier League teams:

I haxe added A lot more chants to all teams .Every teams have at least 10 chants.

Most of the teams have more than 20 mp3′s (MU has 49 mp3′s, Liverpool 25,Man City 21,Chelsea 21 etc…)

And I have balanced the mp3′s volume level…


1.Copy the chants folder to simply C:/ (delete my older EPL chantpack’s chants)

2.Copy playlists folder to your main Music folder in windows…(Liraries/music)

3.Copy my “Settings..chant” file to Documents/FIFA12 (this is my profile and it’s fully synced with all of my chantpacks) or edit manually in your game

4. PLAY with my profile (you can use your own savegames in this profile too)

If you would like to post this pack to other sites please use my links

Thank you for iheartdropdead , gigimarulla, tommsen,neilez2 , jschuck12001 and the others

wupload.jpg fileserve.jpg

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FIFA 12 Nordic (Menus & Commentaries)

Author: bredchalice


I have made a mod for all you nordic fifa 12 pc players out there.

Available Commentaries:

- English (Both)

- Spanish

- Swedish

Available Menu Languages:

- English

- Spanish

- Swedish

- Norwegian

- Danish

Install instructions are included in the file.

filesonic.jpg fileserve.jpg

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