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PES 2018 FMDL Face Editing Tutorial 3DSMax and Blender


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Scripts and tools needed for importing and editing FMDL files:
1) Autodesk 3DSMax (I believe any 201x version will do)
2) Blender (any version that supports .3ds import)
3) GzsTool.v0.5.3 (or any newer) by Atvaark
3) MGSV FMDL PC/PS3 scripts for 3DSMax by Jayveerk
4) MGSV Scripts for 3DSMax by Jayveerk from NexusMods.com. (Paid subscription)



For those who get error/crash on GzsTool – avoid unpacking face IDs from 16 to 250, some of them are corrupt. EDIT.BIN player database starts at face ID 745 (Aaron Hughes).

In the tutorial I’m unpacking face ID 7474 (Nene from CR Vasco Da Gama) and importing the edited model on Nikolay Bodurov (ID: 43414) default face.

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