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Light Effects Importer Tool v1.2

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New Crowd-Rebounds-Light Effects Importer Tool v1.2 [download new version]

Crowd-Rebounds-Light Effects Importer Tool v1.2 for PES 2011 Stadiums


* Just one time watch the tutorials (2 parts) with carefully before anything to do.

* Notify me if you see any 'major' bug(s).

* Would be good if someone test it who has crowd problem like this link --> http://forums.evo-web.co.uk/showpost...&postcount=367 and tell us the result.


New features and fixes about new version of tool:


*Added stadium rebounds

*You can use existing 'weather.bin' for light effect anymore

*Added 'right quad mesh calculation algorithm'

*Added GUI warnings in to script

*Fixed rotated crowd in 'XXXX_TIE' parts

*Fixed visible light effect during gameplay

*Fixed crowd direction (especially crowd in corners of stadium)


Author: Suat CAGDAS (sxsxsx)


Special Thanks:

Juce (for zlib tool)

Author of 'split face script'

evo-web community (for great support)






old post/Light Effects Tutorial link :



Light Effect Importer Tool for PES 2011 Stadiums


Information about tool:

*Just one time watch the tutorial with carefully before anything to do.

*KONAMI has totally changed light effect structure this year (removed mesh structure, all lights is 'halo') and they splitted light effects to 6 different parts, so this tool is not compatible for PES2010 stadiums.

*We can use max. 99 objects for each part (totally 6x99=594 objects).

*There is no 'constant restriction' among light part areas.This mean you can put 3-4 lights in different area.

*This tool updated on the 'Crowd Importer' tool, this mean you can create/convert your parameters.bin (for crowd) and light effect bin file at 'same time'.

*You can set different light size with 'Energy' slider in Blender.


Author: Suat CAGDAS (sxsxsx)


Special Thanks:

Juce (for zlib tool)

evo-web community (for great support)




Odličan alat i tutorijal od majstora sxsxsx-s za pravljenje publike i zaštitne ograde(da lopta više ne prolazi kroz zid;) )

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