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PES 2011 Feints Guide by maremas

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Kao i prosle godine, od mene video tutorijal za finte u PES 2011, uzivajte!





PES 2011 Feints Guide sadrži:

Low Speed Dribbling

Sideway Dribble

Knock the ball on

Upper Body Feint

Matthews Feint

Matthews Feint into Side-Slip

Running Upper Body Feint

Running Matthews Feint

Step Over Dummy

Reverse Step Over Dummy

Step Over Fake

Outside Stepover

Running Step Over Dummy

Runnig Reverse Step Over Dummy

Step Over

Running Outside Stepover

Step On & Drag

Step on & Left/Right Slide

L Feint

Drag Back Turn

Backheel Feint

Inside Bounce

Runnig inside Bounce into Diagonal Take


Cross Over Turn



Rainbow Flick

Running Lift into Left/Right Take

Sideward Stepover



Specijalne zasluge:




Sony Vegas

Adobe Affer Effect




Let's Get Crazy - PES 2008 soundtrack

Go to The Goal - PES 2008 soundtrack

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