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Tutorial to change Goalnet Style, team colors and generic banners col. to each team

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Minitutorial to change Goalnet Style, team colors and generic banners colors to each team. By Mhut & Smeagol75


We were searching a way to correct team colors and net style for each team (mostly for unlicensed teams), trying to match their real “look and feel”.

After doing some research, following txak´s “supporter banners relink” info, we found the way to do it. Normally, team colors will affect net colors (only when nets are not “white default style”) and also generic banner colors.


Here some examples:





Files needed/related are 1825 from dt0f and 57 from dt07.


The related bytes to choose “net style” and change team colors are stored into unnamed_1825.bin (dt0f) and the related textures in order to display the “net style” are stored into unnamed_57.bin (dt07).


-unnamed_1825.bin :

Unzlib the file first, then open into hex editor.

As we known from txak´s info, first byte of each “team code” is used for banner relink and eleventh byte is used for the number of supporter banners to be displayed. So, last byte is used to choose the “net style” for that team. That byte contains an hex value pointing to the texture number picked from unnamed_57. In the attached sample you can see Aston Villa´s code. Last byte is “00” (green circle highlight), meaning the first texture of unnamed_57 is the pick for that team (full white texture, so white default nets). If we put “01” there, second texture of unnamed_57 is picked (vertical stripes).


*Notice here that bytes are shown from PS3 file, so it needs to be inverted for PC format.




To match the colors of banners or nets with real team colors, we need to take a look to another position in the hex file. From the beginning of the file, you will see each team name repeated 16 times, and finally the “short” name of the team (ASV in this case). Following that short name, you will see team ID bytes twice (00 6B in this case).

Then the next 6 bytes stored are the team colors (88 CB 75 B9 FF FF). Each pair of that six bytes represents 3 colors: 88 CB is base team color, 75 B9 is second team color and FF FF is the third. That 3 colors will be used on supporter banners and also the nets (depending the choosed net style).

Colors are stored in some “weird” format conversion from hex to RGB, at least for most of us. To understand how they work, you can follow the info shared from Higgs on this thread:





*Notice you can also change or correct licensed team colors, in

order to match their nets, but you need to take into account if you are changing the base color of the team , as that can affect the banner choosed in case that team have a unique/personal banner (if you´re using txak´s relink patch for example), because “white base” teams will pick a different banner than “black base” teams (See txak´s thread info for better understanding).




Here you can see the “net style” textures.

First one is full white, so it means default full white color nets.

Ten and Eleven textures are full grey and full green, so both have the same effect as the first one (but with grey or green color).

The rest of textures, you will see all of them with different red and yellow patterns. Their palette has some special thing, because always first pixel is pure red and second pixel is pure yellow. Zones in red will display the base color team and zones in yellow will display the secondary team color (Plus more, if third palette pixel is pure green and that pixel is used into the drawn texture pattern, it will display the third team color).

You can also draw a texture with any colors you like (it is not imperative to be in that red-yellow format) but you need to take care with the indexed palette image (remember to not use in your draw the pure red-yellow-green colors stored into the first three palette pixels, or that pixels will display assigned team colors and the result will be probably a mess). As you´ve seen in the samples on the beginning, some teams need special net designs and / or colors that are not matching with supporter banners or proper team colors. So also we´ve increased the default number of textures stored into Unnamed_57.bin to 25, and can be increased more just in case of need.


Preuzeto sa evo-web.

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