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(BETA v4)
Please take care of your database/career files. Its still a BETA so your save/db could get damaged and useless. Please do backups! Also some Features are currently missing!!

I'm happy to release the first version of my new editing tool.
It's called CW 19 (Creation Wizard 19) and is a mix of RDBM and DB Master with a GUI. Edit your career savegame or your database.

You can't edit graphics. Things like Kits, Logos or Stadiums are not importable.
Now some tips for the tabs.

You can choose between 2 database-icons. If you hover the mouse above, you'll get infos. The left one is for opening a db and the right for career mode saves. You can open every FIFA 19 DB/Lang-DB you want. But I've added the ger,eng-languages and a updated FIFA-DB (squads from 1.6.2019) for a quicker start. Open and edit a Squadsfile is not possible yet!


if you opened a career save you can edit your players inside the current career mode

reset/set loans = you can set or reset a loan. Resetting will transfer the player back to his "loaned from" team

set precontracts = you can set a precontract so the player will join the team you want in career mode on the date you set

the head-preview is very experimental (but still thanks to Aranaktu) the previewed beard, hairs, haircolor and skintone are not the real ones... Only the showed head-mesh is taken ingame! 

via icon near to the name you can create, import or export a player (do not use this in career mode - editing yet!)

create a player works different as in creation master (I don't like these attribute-matrix stuff..the tool takes your values (position etc.) and search for a player with same/near overall and take his attributes). You can also edit his attributes after that..)

compute overall = attributes will get up/downgraded to get the overall you want

traits are not implemented yet!


if you opened a career save you can transfer or loan your players inside the current career mode

its better to filter by nation/team because "All" takes a long refresh (at the moment... I'll try to improve!)

formation, freekick-taker/corner-taker etc. and team-traits are not implemented yet!

editing the comp/teamkits sets some entries in "log.txt" (located inside the directory "SlimManger.exe" is)


if you remove a team (via premiere-league-logo-with-minus) it joins to "Rest of World"

you can also add teams via the plus-logo

loading a league could take a bit if your internet connection is not the best


if you ask me thats the coolest feature yet!

you can share your edits via a textbox or a txt file!

editing compkits/teamkits, transfering and loaning adds entries to the "log.txt" inside the CW-Directory (where SlimManager.exe is)


For Kitmakers:

- change the stuff you want (collar, color of kitnumber etc)

- take the entries from "log.txt" and share it together with your graphics

- so everyone could import the new number-colors etc to their career mode save or database!


entering the following lines to "importer"-Textbox and click import


this will set the jeseynumbercolor and jeserynamecolor of Borussia Dortmunds homekit to red.

For Facemakers:

its possible to share a new headassetid and the headclasscode (generic or specifc) to your player

just go in players-Tab to your player, set HeadassetID and tick the box "has GameFace" and click on the "writer-Icon" next to these 2 options and it gets added to the log.txt!

as Example we download Ofisix's great Akanji here

as he mentioned we need to change Akanjis HeadassetID to 206489 also he needs the headclasscode "0" (so EA takes his "specific game face" instead of his generic EA-Face

next time Ofisix could share a txt-file or these line with you and you can import this to your careermode-save or database:


or the players-table it works with every attribute you want. If you want to set tattos for anyone just follow this schema:

Tablename,playerid,Columnname(for example headassetid,headtypecode,potential,stamina),value

For others:
You can also set transfers or loans with this. So its possible someone do every Bundesliga-Transfer for 19/20 and share the Log-File/lines so everyone else could assign it.
Examples (transfering Julian Brandt and loaning Kevin de Bruyne to Borussia Dortmund (TeamID = 22))




still in developing

you can undo Transfers in your career mode (goodbye shitty EA-Transfers )

you can set the name and head of your manager

select a manager from the combobox OR enter the headassetid (you'll get from players tab) of a player to set him as your manager-visual (for example Reus: 188350)

DOWNLOAD : http://eep.fifaplanet.eu/download/Release/FIFA 19/CreationWizard BETA v5.zip


I've added a little Credits-Form inside the App. A big thanks to everyone who helped me. FIFAPlanet for hosting my stuff and keeps motivating me.  Aranaktu motivated and helped a lot to make some of the features possible. Also big thanks to Rinaldo and Fidel. Without the FIFA-Libary of these 2 persons....the development of Creation Wizard wasn't be possible.


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Happy to release Beta v5:
http://eep.fifaplanet.eu/download/Release/FIFA 19/CreationWizard BETA v5.zip


- added preview and option to edit tattoos
- added facedetail-edit (beard etc.)
- added function to import CMPs from FIFA 16! (needs testing... teams with players only atm!)
- added function to add a kitnumber for a transfer
- improved "All Players" listing in roster-tab
- added search field to roster-tab
- added some stuff to log
- new in "Importer" edit initteams.txt with a GUI!
- added accessoires (gloves, tape etc.) for a player
- edit Squadsfile should now work (just click "load career file"-option and switch on down right from "career file" to "squad file"..


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Ne radi link jel moze neko da postavi novi koji radi?

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13 hours ago, Rale 881 said:

Ne radi link jel moze neko da postavi novi koji radi?

Nazalost ni jedan link koji sam nasao ne radi

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