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PES 2018

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Hold on to your hats PES Fanners… PES 2018 has been officially announced! Included in the announcement is a whole host of information surrounding the game, and we’ve got it all to digest below. Happy reading!


Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. will release PES 2018, the latest edition of its highly regarded football series on September 14th, 2017. The publisher has also pledged that the new game aims high and will unveil a wide-range of improvements to award-winning series.

Having established the PES series as the most realistic and intuitive football title for home systems, KONAMI has set its stall early with an extensive range of new elements that build upon the previously laid foundations. Centred on the concept that PES 2018 is “Where Legends are Made”, the new game hits the floor running with new features, new ways to play, a PC version to the standard of the leading console iterations, and an unrivalled gameplay experience.

PES 2018 features more new additions than any other PES title in the last 10 years, and no part of the game has been left untouched. At its heart remains the famed gameplay where users enjoy complete control over the on-field action, using players that behave, move and react just like their real-life counterparts. New additions to the control systems add more fluidity to the game, while a new user interface makes accessing the many facets of PES 2018 a simpler process.

Control is everything in a football game, and PES 2018 retains the immediacy and total control the series is famed for alongside new refinements that hone its authenticity. Matches are played at a more realistic pace, while a new strategic dribbling system offers greater close control, including contextual shielding to protect the ball. Similarly, simple movements of the control stick can be used to initiate shimmies designed to wrong-foot defenders. KONAMI has also implemented a REAL Touch + process, wherein players will react to receiving a ball using permissible parts of the body, such as chest, head and legs to bring a pass under control dependent on the height and pace of the incoming ball. All set piece routines have also been totally reworked, notably the way penalty kicks are taken and a one-player kick off routine as well.

PES 2018’s visual acuity has also improved. A new REAL Capture system provides true-to-life lighting across day and night games, while over 20,000 components have been faithfully recreated to recreate the turf, tunnels, and the surrounding areas of stadia such as Camp Nou and Signal Iduna Park. The individuality of how players move, shape to shoot and make passes is also closer to real life, with KONAMI motion-capturing players within realistic environments in a complete overhaul of the in-game animation system. Core movements such as walking, turning, and posture have been reworked also, while the player models now have greater variety, with attention paid to the way kits fit differing physiques. KONAMI’s agreements with partner teams will also see tattoos recreated on players as well.

With the renowned gameplay and visuals upped in every respect, PES 2018 also allows more ways for people to enjoy the match day experience. Full 11-Vs-11 online options and the eternally popular myClub challenge where players build a team from scratch, are joined by co-operative 2-Vs-2 and 3-Vs-3 modes with support for local guests. The much-requested ‘Random Selection’ match returns with all new content, while the Master League implements pre-season tournaments, a new transfer system and pre-match interviews and an insight to the changing rooms.

The continuing success of the PES series as an eSport staple has also been reflected with the PES LEAGUE fully integrated into the main game. With 16 of the world’s greatest PES players set to gather ahead of June’s UEFA Champions League final to compete for a $200,000 prize, PES 2018 will allow for easy entry to next year’s competition, and add related PES LEAGUE modes surrounding myClub, Online Co-Operative matches and the Random Selection matches.

“PES 2018 is a title that finds the series at the very top of its game,” commented Masami Saso, President of Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “It is a game that builds on the foundations of the resurgent series and has taken on board requests from our growing fan base. It is also a game with an eye on the future. As eSports continue to develop as a worldwide force, PES 2018’s inclusion of a dedicated PES LEAGUE mode removes any barrier to entry to die-hard fans and newcomers alike. KONAMI is committed to breaking new ground with the PES series, and PES 2018 sees us enter the field more confident and determined to excel than ever.”

PES 2018 will be released for PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, PlayStation®3 and Xbox360™. The game will also be available via Steam in a version that has undergone substantial improvements in terms of aesthetics and content, ensuring the game enjoys parity with the current gen formats. Pre-order the digital FC Barcelona Special Edition on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™ or Steam now and receive additional content at launch: including 1,000 myClub coins and 5 myClub player agents – guaranteeing a top UEFA Champions League player, as well as a top club and LEGEND player from FC Barcelona, will be added to your winning eleven!

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Sto se tice Master Lige za PES 2018

Random Selection Match returns + many ML improvements (pre-season tournaments, improved transfer system + pre-match interviews)
PRESENTATION OVERHAUL. Brand new in-game UI, redesigned, including real player images in the gameplan screen
GAMEPLAY MASTERCLASS. High quality gameplay finely tuned and refined
A big one. Enhanced visual reality. Camp Nou, Signal Iduna Park + Anfield captured beautifully. Lighting, turf + tunnels
A complete rework of the animation system and player models = incredibly realistic movement and amazing looking superstars!

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Beyond the title, we do not really know if Konami really took into consideration our feedback zone that we had attempted to synthesize in this article but there is certainly a strong correspondence between what was announced for PES 2018 and the community PES Italy. Some (referees, online stability, ban lagger / cheater, licenses, uploads) will be evaluated after September 14 but we can certainly be glad that so many aspects have already been considered ...

COMMUNITY REQUEST: PS version version of PC
KONAMI STATEMENT: The PC version has made substantial improvements both in terms of graphics and content, ensuring a level playing field across all platforms.

KONAMI STATEMENT: A new mode dedicated to 2 against 2 and 3 against 3 in co-op, with support for local players. Possibility to play together with friends, bring their team to the top or simply have fun with single random matches.

COMMUNITY REQUEST: Television Broadcasting Enhancement
KONAMI DECLARATION: New television in-game presentation.

KONAMI DECLARATION: The characteristic way players move, set the ball and pass the ball have been reproduced through the motion-capture sessions performed by KONAMI in realistic environments to give new life to all in-game animations. Basic movements such as walking, turning and athletes' posture have been further refined, while player models are even more varied and detailed, with a manic focus that will be reflected in every aspect: for example, how the game uniforms strike up Different physics or playing tattoos of players.

KONAMI STATEMENT: Challenges in PES League with new modes including myClub, Random Selection and Co-op Online matches.

COMMUNITY REQUEST: Master League more dynamic
KONAMI STATEMENT: Take the role of the coach in the Master League with pre-season tournaments, an improved transfer system and new presentation elements, including pre-match interviews and pictures from the locker room.

COMMUNITY REQUEST: Stages and Public more cured
KONAMI STATEMENT: Benefits include realistic lighting management for stadiums for daytime and night play, and faithful playing of playgrounds and locker tunnels thanks to the inclusion of over 20,000 data collected at Camp Nou and Signal Iduna Park . The characteristic way players move.

COMMUNITY REQUEST: Gameplay Improvement
KONAMI DECLARATION: The renowned quality of gameplay has been further refined and balanced to recreate the authenticity of this wonderful sport, including a more realistic gaming speed. Strategic Dribbling allows the user to have more control over the possession phase, with the possibility of better ball protection, allowing for easy leverage to achieve realistic and precise movements to fool the defender's intervention. Real Touch + adds a new dimension to the control of the ball, with the ability to handle it all over the body by allowing it to touch with different areas of the same based on the unpredictable balloon movement. The knockouts were renewed with a new system of punishments and penalties, along with the option to choose the new kick-off system with only one player.

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NEW FEATURE 01 / Strategic Dribbling, Real Touch +, New Set Pieces

Strategic Dribbling


Feeling of total control when in possession, ability to make small and decisive movement to maintain the ball or make space.img_topic_new_feature_1_01_dribbling_pes

Intelligent ball control allows you to keep the ball away from physically strong players.

Control the ball touch timing with just a simple stick control - the same applies when dribbling the defender or when executing feint moves.
Real Touch +


Smoother trap control through realistic movement using various parts of the body such as chest, stomach and thighs.

Players are more aware of their surrounding when receiving the ball, often pushing their body in between the opponent and the ball, with physically strong players having more character in keeping the ball.img_topic_new_feature_1_02_opposition_pe

Further inclusion of real ball physics further enhances the reality including where it bounces, with skilled players being able to react smoothly to these situations accordingly.
New Set Pieces


Control improvement with the removal of the guideline allows for greater skill and natural control, with new camera angle options to give the user the best view. See more action and physical battles as you step up to take a corner, while multiple strategy controls can be set at the timing of the kick allowing for a more dramatic outcome.img_topic_new_feature_1_03_corner-kick_0

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Authentic Player Models


Using real life scanning data, perfectly recreate the player models, including short size and shirt fittingimg_topic_new_feature_2_01_playermodels_
Animation Rework


Player animations have been reworked from the ground up, starting with core movement such as walking, turning and body posture.

With hundreds of animations coming into the game, the natural flow between them creates a sense of reality never seen before in the series.

Face animation has been significantly upgraded, allowing the user to see intricacies in emotion and feeling with matches any given situation. Alongside this facial
expression animation has been greatly improved, creating the biggest upgrade ever in PES. 

The highly praised Keepers will see a new level of improvement. As well an abundance of new save animations, keepers carry the ball more naturally after a save, and have a variety of intelligent motions when throwing the ball to a player.img_topic_new_feature_2_02_goalkeepers_p

As well new HUD elements, during the game a variety of stats based on team and player performance will appear with real player images. New cutscenes added such as substitution and foul calling, as well as unique presentation when a player scores a hat-trick.
Real World Visuals


On site research and material coverage of partner team home stadiums Camp Nou and Signal Induna Park benefits the game in the recreation of authentic lighting for the turf, with the addition of players and tunnels for both day and night matches based on fine detail data all collected in real corresponding times.
PS4, Xbox One and PC only img_topic_new_feature_2_04_lighting_pes. 

During the coverage, capturing of the locker rooms and mix areas took place to allow further realistic recreation for in-game. PS4, Xbox One and PC only 

Off the pitch, crowd visuals and their reaction to the on-pitch action have been improved for a more natural but dramatic effect.
PS4, Xbox One and PC only


NEW FEATURE 03 / Online CO-OP (PS4, Xbox One and PC only)

13/06/2017 Online CO-OP (PS4, Xbox One and PC only) PS4, Xbox One and PC only


New mode supporting 3v3 and 2v2, allowing you to team up with friends or other users to compete against the world.

You can make a one-off team with an automatically matched user, or create a clan with highly skilled friends and aim for the top of the ranks.

Supports up to 2 guests on same console, play as many as 3 on the same team to play on online CO-OP matches.img_topic_new_feature_3_01_online-coop_pimg_topic_new_feature_3_01_online-coop_rimg_topic_new_feature_3_01_online-coop_p

Play 3v3 across modes, from myClub and PES LEAGUE.


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