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Konami is set to reveal the first PES 2016 details close to the Champions League final on June 6, 2015, Erik Bladinieres, Global Director of Konami's Football Division, revealed in an interview with Spanish Pro Evolution Soccer site PESaurios.


PES 2016 will be officially revealed in June 2015, Konami have confirmed.




The PES 2015 booth at E3 2014

Bladinieres also confirmed that PES 2016 will be present at E3 2015 (June 16-18). Going by last year's experience, we could see the first PES 2016 gameplay videos during the event. PES 2015 was available to play at E3 2014 last year and Konami showed off the game on the South American Playstation presentation.

Almost 20 years after the release of the first-ever Winning Eleven game by Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be released later this year. It is expected to be available on all major consoles and on PC, although nothing is confirmed as of now.

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Pocele su vijesti da pristizu znaci, opet sve iz pocetka, smo se nadam da ce ovaj put biti malo drugacije od zadnjih 5,6,7 ili vise godina

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Konami's focus for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be to gain new licenses more than ever. Erik Bladinieres, Global Director of Konami's Football Division, revealed in an interview with PESaurios that Konami is set to sign new deals to include more licensed teams and leagues in PES 2016.


In the last few weeks there have been rumors that Konami could lose their exclusive UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League license. While Konami secured Europe's best club competitions for the first time in 2008, the deal was extended in 2012. Even though no contract details were disclosed at the time, it's very likely that the current Konami UEFA deal runs for four years until 2016.



PES 2016 will include more licenses, Konami have suggested.


Erik Bladinieres disclosed that Konami will put the focus on new licenses for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, while the series will keep most of their current licensed competitions, leagues and clubs. Although the Global Director of Konami's Football Division didn't reveal further details in the interview, he announced that PES will feature never-seen-before licenses, some of them to be announced as soon as June.

There will be no more updates for PES 2015 to improve the licensing situation of the Brazilian league, Erik Bladinieres also revealed. It would anyway be a priority for Konami to include the Brazilian league in PES 2016, even though it would be very complex to sign a deal due to the poor organization of the Brasileirão.


Yesterday, we already reported that Konami will release the first official PES 2016 News at the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final (June 6) and E3 2015 (June 16-18) in June 2016.


Which new competitions, leagues and clubs would you like to see in PES 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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ilvio Luiz ® and Mauro Beting at a promotional event for PES 2011.



Here are the tweets posted by the famous Brazilian football commentator.

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Mozda konačno Bundesliga?! Bilo bi extra u svakom slucaju :)

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Konami continue to build up to the big first PES 2016 announcement. As we reported earlier, the first bit of info, and hopefully screens and videos, for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be released in June, 2015.

Konami now further fueled the hype with a series of tweets that went largely unnoticed, since being written in reply.


The big Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 reveal is set to happen in June.




Asked when people would learn more about the upcoming PES 2016 game, the official Pro Evolution Soccer twitter channel replied "All I can say is wait for our first announcement. It will blow you away!".




Unwilling to give more details of the PES 2016 reveal away at this time, Konami stated that people would "have to wait just a little bit longer", before closing in on the date of the announcement by confirming the PES World Finals as the "last big event for PES 2015".




Taking place in Berlin around the time of the Champions League final on June 6, the PES World Finals will determine the PES 2015 World Champion.

Konami already confirmed its presence at E3, which takes place later in June, between the 16th and 18th, and it now appears more than likely that the PES 2015 reveal will take place in Los Angeles.

Following EA Sports announcement about the inclusion of women's national teams in FIFA 16, we can't wait to hear what Konami has to show for PES 2016.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be officially revealed on June 12, new photos today confirmed. The photos of the PES stand at the UEFA Champions League festival in Berlin show the PES 2016 logo with 'Full Reveal - June 12th' written below it.


We will get the first info on Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 on June 12. (thanks to @MarvinRonsdorf)




The wording of the poster, as well as the placement at the Champions festival suggest that we will get some sort of 'partial' reveal, like a trailer, before the 12th. This would confirm numerous rumors about a first PES 2016 trailer to be released at half time of the Champions League final between Juventus and Barcelona.

Additionally, the picture shows the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 logo, which got a new typeface, while maintaining the black and red color scheme.

Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer brand manager Erik Bladinieres back in April already hinted that the first Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 news would be revealed in June, while Konami in the last days teased fans on Twitter regarding an imminent PES 2016 announcement. Additionally, Konami will be present at E3 later in June, with a PES 2016 build expected to be playable to the public.

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Zanimljivo je bas sta nam konami sprema nakon Zenskih Nacionalnih timova u Fifi 16, jedva cekam :)

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Videcemo kako se to izgledati u samoj igri :)

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PES 2016 PC Version Confirmed !


PES 2016 PC Version Confirmed by Stéphanie Hattenberger!

Konami’s marketing manager for Southern Europe, Stéphanie Hattenberger, said PES 2016 is gearing up for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, mobile platforms and PC – also Orange, Bouygues, story confirmed by Gamer.nl here. More news about PES 2016 on 12th June 2015.




If you want to see the interview, check here: L’interview de Stéphanie Hattenberger.

Poor Translation (leave comment if you have a better one):

At the grand final of the PES LEAGUE France, which took place last weekend, we have the opportunity to speak with Stephanie Hattenberger, director Konami Southern Europe marketing.


Present to observe this grand final, lying in wait with his smartphone to find the best times and very accessible to all, we wanted to talk about his career, the balance sheet of PES 2015 and the arrival of the franchise on consoles current, the mobile challenge, the PES League, PES 2016 obviously … Interview.

BP: Hi Stephanie, thank you for giving us a little bit of your time between a few games …. In a few words could you introduce yourself and explain your role within KONAMI.

Stephanie: Hello, again! For almost 18 years I have been with KONAMI, in fact I’m the oldest in society! So I held the position of Director of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment Southern Europe. Concretely, my scope is wide: marketing, communication, partnerships, sponsorship …

Finally, the anecdote (few people know it), I was behind the creation of the PES League began as a competition only for France. Today this competition is exported to several countries to reach a world finals, which will take place next week in Berlin

The arrival of new consoles helped distribute the cards

BP: PES 2015 is out there eight months, what conclusions do you take? Without revealing figures, what is the trend versus PES 2014?

Stephanie: Multiple awards received by the game at E3, Gamescom or the PGW helped sales of the game since its release on November 13! To do a quick recap on PS2, it was indisputable that PES was by far the best-selling video game for even become the top-selling cultural property. I acknowledge that the switch to the PS3 has not been well negotiated and sales figures are felt. FIFA made the PES, PES and FIFA has done so to speak.

The arrival of new consoles / current-gen helped reshuffle the cards both at community level players but also to the media. And that is why, after years in which sales followed a negative trend, this year the trend has clearly reversed with growth of 12% to 2 volume figures. This is only the beginning and we know that. To return to the front of the scene, it takes 2 to 3 years. We have to confirm the good performance observed with this PES 2015!

France, an excellent indicator

BP: How are the sales by country? Where is the France vs its English neighbors, Spanish, German, Italian and more distant?

Stephanie: France has been and still is the country “very good student” for sales trends of Pro Evolution Soccer. And this is also checked in the opposite case. Let me explain. Today’s sales figures but also the media coverage (press notes, views of the players) in France are scrutinized carefully. During the transition from PS2 to PS3, France was the country where sales were the first to fall and it was a good indicator for other countries that followed this trend gradually the years after.

In short, France is an excellent indicator for trend & global success of the PES franchise.

BP: With a popular PES 2015, first version for consoles on next / current-gen, have you seen a lot of interest around the PES League?

Stephanie: Without hesitation, a big yes! It’s a virtuous circle. Excellent grades coupled with numerous awards that had a more positive impact in the community. This also applies in the opposite case …

BP: Early May, several articles in some media were from a probable abandonment of the KONAMI PES franchise. The answer Adam Bhatti does not have to wait in reversing all this information and has confirmed the presence of PES 2016 this year. This leads to a simple question: do you have a release date for us? Indeed, last year, the game was released relatively late. What will it be this year?

Stephanie: I know the release date of the game but I can get it to you today. The only thing I can say is that the game will be released earlier that PES 2015!

PES 2016 will be released on old-gen consoles! And mobile version is also planned!

BP: Consoles “old-gen” (PS3 & Xbox 360) will they be as concerned or PES 2016 will be released on PS4 / Xbox One & PC?

Stephanie: I confirm that PES 2016 will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PC … Be reassured! We also confirm that the game will be released on internet box (Orange, Bouygues ….)

BP: What can we expect for mobile devices, smartphones & tablets? Can we expect a version of PES 2016 on mobile?

Stephanie: Yes, a mobile version is planned. I can not reveal the content on this support but, yes, there will indeed be a version provided on mobile devices icon_smile.gif

BP: Let’s jacket … Mario Gotze & ambassador is PES 2015. Ambassador What will it be for 2016? Information to reveal about it? Can we expect a French player on the cover FR?

Stephanie: Today, I am unable to reveal information about it. But, believe us, surprises await you current month of June …

BP: It seems that Konami has worked a lot around licenses. Besides, according to a recent disclosure of a near PES, licenses ever seen in the history of PES will be included in PES 2016? We take this opportunity to ask for the presence of the UEFA Champions League & Europa League in PES 2016?

Stephanie: In terms of club licensing, I can not reveal anything but yes of surprises await you. Trust us. Furthermore, I confirm the exclusive presence at PES 2016 two licenses of 2 European Cups you quoted!

About the Fox Engine: PES 2016 will fully benefit!

BP: Finally, graphics level, we confirm you that PES 2016 will use the graphics engine Fox Engine, Konami?

Stephanie: Yes, I confirm! You need not worry about the operation of the engine! PES 2016 will fully benefit!

BP: Stephanie, still a little question about PES 2016: what is the schedule around the game, especially in terms of ads?

Stephanie: The final of LDC’s kickoff ads around the game! Especially from June 9! These will be very present in the course of this month. We will also be at E3 where KONAMI will have its booth with, among others, PES 2016. In short, board stay tuned because there will be announcements and beautiful!

The women’s teams, it is not intended for PES 2016

BP: Before concluding this interview, as a reaction to the announcement of the presence of female national teams for your main rival, FIFA 16? Planned for PES 2016?

Stephanie: It’s good news, that’s good. It is an evolution but not revolution. And no, it is not intended for PES 2016.

BP: One last question: a prognosis for the final of LDC

Stephanie: (smile) May the best win!

BP: Stephanie, thank you for the time you have given us! We look forward to June 6 to hope that our French representative to go as far as possible for the world finals but especially for the first information about PES 2016.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be released on PC, Konami confirmed. Stéphanie Hattenberger, Konami's Southern Europe marketing director, revealed in an interview with Blog PES, a French website dedicated to the PES series.






Photo via @PESLeagueUK


While PES 2016's release on PC is now confirmed, it is not clear whether the PC version will be based on the current generation of consoles. PES 2015 was still based on the dated PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.


Hattenberger also confirmed that PES 2016 will be launched on both the last generation of consoles (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) as well as the newer PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.


Additionally, she disclosed that a mobile version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is in development, albeit no further details regarding the type of the game or device support were given.


PES 2015 was the first-ever PES PC game to be released on Steam on launch day, and given the relative success it has enjoyed on the platform, we can expect PES 2016 to receive the same treatment.

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Neymar Junior has been announced as the new PES 2016 cover star. The Barcelona star will be on the global Pro Evolution Soccer cover for the first time, after he already headlined PES 2013 in South America, together with Cristiano Ronaldo.



Neymar will headline the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 cover.




“This is a real honor for me to be cover star for PES 2016" commented Neymar Jr. "The series has long been praised for its sheer level of control and utter realism and I am delighted to be working with such a talented team as Konami. I am fascinated by the huge amount of work involved in putting together the game and ensuring the world’s top players look and play just like the real things, and cannot wait to see myself in action as soon as possible.”

It's almost certain that Neymar will replace and not join Mario Götze on the PES 2016 cover, after the latter was the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 cover star last year.


"Neymar Jr. is a player that perfectly fits the PES brand, and what we want to achieve" added Erik Bladinieres, European Brand Director of Football. "His unique qualities and the ability to surprise goes hand in hand with the gameplay experience in PES 2016. In our anniversary year we want to celebrate the past, while look forward to the exciting future of the brand. We'll do this with Neymar Jr. leading our campaign."

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be fully revealed on June 12, while a first PES 2016 trailer will be revealed later today.

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Konami have just released the first PES 2016 teaser trailer, ahead of the full PES 2016 reveal on June 12. Following the announcement of Neymar as PES 2016 cover star, the new PES 2016 trailer gives us a first look at Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.



This is the first Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 trailer.



The PES 2016 trailer starts with a special logo commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. We're then thrown into the first bits of PES 2016 gameplay action, as the first PES 2016 trailer shows new cover star Neymar taking on the French national team.


An interesting spot, the Brazil v France match appears to take place at the Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, presumably new to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016.


The Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 teaser trailer continues with some scenes from a Juventus v Roma match in PES 2016, including Francesco Totti celebrating a goal by taking a selfie with a licensed iPhone.

How do you like the first PES 2016 trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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Konami and UEFA Announce Three-Year Champions League License Renewal


Konami today announced that it had reached an agreement with UEFA about a renewal of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup licenses in Pro Evolution Soccer. The new Konami UEFA license runs for an additional three years until 2019, as the previous agreement was due to be valid for another year.


As with the previous Konami Champions League license, the agreement only includes competition logos and names, with individual team licenses having to be signed additionally for teams to appear in the game.



UEFA's most prestigious competitions will remain in Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer games until at least 2019.





“The UEFA Champions League is the biggest prize in club football and we are delighted to have extended our exclusive agreement with UEFA to feature it in the PES series. In the past six years we have worked closely with UEFA creating the PES Virtual UEFA Champions League as a global online version of the real thing, and this year’s UEFA Champions League final in Berlin played host to the climax of the 2015 PES season as the 25 best players from all over the globe gathered to determine the winner. The grand finals were held within the dedicated PlayStation site in the UEFA Champions Festival event taking place at the legendary Brandenburg Gate, with the two finalist also taking part in an exclusive special exhibition match which was played pitch side in the lead up to the final itself in the iconic Olympiastadion. These are exciting times for the PES series,” commented Sean Ratcliffe, European Brand Director at Konami.

The Champions League license first appeared in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, released in fall 2008, while Konami later added the licenses for the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup to its Pro Evolution Soccer series.


Lately, speculation arose about a possible interest in the UEFA licenses from Pro Evolution Soccer's main competitor FIFA, but today's announcement has confirmed that the license is set to remain with PES until at least 2019.


Guy Laurent-Epstein, Marketing Director at UEFA said: “We are very pleased to continue and extend our working partnership with KONAMI. This new cycle provides an opportunity to build an even closer working relationship, allowing us to activate in new and exciting ways over the next 3 years. We are delighted that future iterations of the series will continue to feature the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League as we also look forward to extending other areas of co-operation.”

Today's news marks the first PES 2016 license information, but expect more to follow shortly! Tomorrow will see the Full Reveal of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, so stay tuned for more news to follow soon.

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Na prvi pogled, gameplay izgleda prilično plasticno

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Da, ali je ovo za PS4, tek treba da izadje za PC gameplay. Malo je bolje od pes 15 ali sacekacemo za PC.

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To me i brine, na ps je uvijek bolji, a ako je ovo to "bolje", mogao bi biti problem :)

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Svasta moze da se ocekuje od usr.. KONAMI-a, ali me najjvise brine sto kroz najavu samo napisu kako ovo ono a na kraju dobije nesto 15-to...

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To im je postala praktika zadnjih godina, od najave do izlaska dosta toga se "zaboravi"

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Ima dobrih stvari u editoru, odlicnih.

E sad, ovo sto Najmar vrti glavu kao na ringispilu, nadam se da ce biti popravljeno do izlaska full igre

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Ovo sto sad gledate je code na 55% zavrsen. Do izlaska full-a bice valjda kako treba. @

Dzoni007 Nije copy, vec sasvim novi pes od predhodnog sto si igrao.
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