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PES 2012 Editor v2.1 by w!Ld@

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-=[ PES 2012 Editor ]=-





screens: - later











FM2011 exports - thanks to FM comunity!




  • Tool to PES2012 Option File [ O.F. or OF ] editing.


how to use:

  • open option file [ EDIT.bin ] from Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\save\
  • do the chages
  • save


known bugs:

  • Find them!
  • Old growth type list (looking for help)!



  • Please, say thanks if you like or use my work in your patch. It's free :JAY:
  • Always make a backup!! I'm not God so I can do a mistakes and guarantee that editor is free of bugs.
  • All my tests were done with default or ingame edited OF and I can promise 100% functionality if you used another tool or manually hexedited your option file!


future plan:

  • Nothing


supported platforms:

  • PC only (and not planned any other platform)



  • edit player's
    • name
    • abilities
    • positions
    • motions
    • shirt settings
    • cards
    • face & hair relink
    • boots relink

    [*]edit team

    • names (all 18 languages supported)
    • numbers
    • team squads (transfers via drag&drop)
    • formations
    • strategies
    • team styles
    • supporter, kit and radar colours
    • home stadium relink (ingame created stadiums supported too)
    • emblems relink


    • players [ CSV, OF2, .Player files (PES 2011 version supported too) ]
    • teams [ OF2, .Team files ]
    • formations [ OF2, CSV ]
    • kits settings [ .Kit files ]
    • emblems [ most of graphic files ]

    [*]global adjustment of

    • abilities
    • boots
    • injuries
    • motions
    • cards
    • macro reader (to generate XML with global changes)
    • all with variable options ...

    [*]leagues and stadiums

    • names editing (real or default names by one click)
    • leagues structure


    • footbal manager [FM] stats conversion
    • quick removing of fake names
    • global renaming and adjusting size and style of names
    • and much more ...



  • installed .NET Framework (at least version 3.5)


hint 1: if you have problem with FM converter:

  • enable "Use integer instead float..." option in tab "Settings"
  • click "Save" button
  • restart editor


how to enable extra teams support:

  1. close PES 2012 Editor
  2. open editor.exe.config file in any text editor
  3. find key countOfExtraTeamsInOptionFile and change its value ( 0-147 )
  4. find key loadExtraTeamsWitInGameIdEqaulsToZero and change its value ( true or false )
  5. save file
  6. run PES 2012 Editor


hint 2: for extra teams support:

  • You can specify own order of teams and its types by changing file: ..\cfg\team.cfg\ file
  • click "Save" button
  • restart editor



  • Use extra teams at your own risk! This functionality is not fully tested and do not expect any support from my side for this functionality!


how to use chants relink:

  1. extract by GameGraphicStudio or by any other tool file unnamed_22.bin from dt03.img
  2. open PES 2012 Editor and load OF as usual
  3. load unnamed_22.bin from dt03.img ( Main Menu -> Tools -> Chants -> Load ... )
  4. use chant relink ( use right click on team or use tab 'Team' )
  5. save unnamed_22.bin from dt03.img ( Main Menu -> Tools -> Chants -> Save ... )
  6. save OF


hint 3: for chants relink:

  • If you want to load and save unnamed_22.bin file automatically together with OF -> specify unnamed_22.bin file in 'Settings' tab ( don't forget to apply settings by Save button ).


thanks to:

  • neogeo64 (special thx), krejik, goldorakiller, Davide Citarelli, foxtrot, GOAL, Tommsen, PATe.Arminia, Kenny, ****sak, pita007, vlada, skip-br, mosu90, compulsion, SMcCutcheon, FCH, Inas, seraph, -Panos-, Patros46, barcafan, EPT team, MxSoniC, arianos10, Blazor, gigimarulla, idsaturn, Nrby, zioborgo, DeFrenZ, hio, joserruiz, Simcut, Stelios, gigimarula ... and anyone forgotten ;-)


latest changes:

  • added global function to set Form to 'Random' or 'Equals to Stats' value
  • small improvements in FM calculations
  • bugfixing


other changes:

  • see readme

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