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PES2012 PES Img Explorer by Jenkey1002


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PES2012 PES Img Explorer 1.02 beta 2 by Jenkey1002





The tool will be similar with GGS, PES UDE, Afs Explorer

Can use with both oldgen & nextgen file : PES6 & PES2011,2012

Supported platforms:

PC & Console (current only Xbox360)


The tool use addition libraries

Zlib : Homepage

FFmpeg : Homepage

Libpng : Homepage

DevIL : Homepage

Features :

Img import,export file(s), folder

Img slot expander : add more slot for .img file (also support old format : .afs, .dkz) (100% done)

Bin block expander : add more block for .bin file

Convert texture (up to 10 formats support DDS DXT) with highest quality.

Support import image unlimited size

Sound Effect extractor (dt03.img)

Texture preview, export, import : support up to 10 formats (.png, .dds, .tif, .tga, .bmp, …)

Audio preview, export, import : up to 32 formats convertable

(Video format convert to adx,aix)

Font editor : 60% done – having some problem with PES6 font

Zlib & unzlib : PC & Console (100%)

Hex editor : 40% done

3D preview, export : export any PES 3dmodel to 3ds format (50% done – need more time with PES6 model)

plan in furture : Animation import & export in research (0% done)

thumb_ee83848c.png thumb_c3e9a1f3.png thumb_92038438.png

thumb_5cc35c2a.png thumb_54146cb3.png

Credits : Master Juce (for everything), Barcafan (image decode),smeagol75 (console beta tester), Neogeo64 (data Decrypt sourcecode)

Special thank to : Ariel & Moddingway

Developer :



Omar Ahmed



PES2012 PES Img Explorer 1.02 beta 2 by Jenkey1002 :

uploaded.jpg filepost.jpg mediafire_12.jpg filefront_12.jpg original.jpg

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Hi, I downloaded it and for some reason I am getting a visual c++ runtime error whenever I try to run it. I also tried a different version made by someone else and the same thing happens. Is there a solution for this?

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