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PES 2012 Update 1.03 – official release !

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[h=1]PES 2012 Update 1.03 – official release ![/h] wboztkui.gif

Time of Release: 15/12/2011

[h=3]PES 2012 Patch 1.03 Details :[/h] * Improved Goalkeeper’s response towards long range shots.

* Readjustments to the strength of the Skill Card “Speed Merchant”. (Toned down as it was deemed too strong)

* Changes in Search Conditions when looking for Opponents in Online Mode. (“Friendly Match” changed to “Pass Support”)

* Improvements to a variety of modes for an enhanced overall gaming experience.


There are separate update files for the DVD Version and the Download Version. Please make sure to select the correct file, and please note that you will need to close “Pro Evolution Soccer 2012″ before applying the update file.

[h=3]DVD Version Update File : PES2012Patch103.zip[/h] filesonic.jpg filejungle.jpg filepost.jpg

[h=3]Download Version Update File : PES2012_Patch1.03.exe[/h] filesonic.jpg filejungle.jpg filepost.jpg

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Када инсталирам сад,јел ће радити нормално PES 2012 PesStatsDatabase patch,PESEdit.com 2012 Patch и Balkanska Liga 2012? Хвала!

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