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[PES 2012] SFD file tutorial by youniss & sening

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[PES 2012] SFD file tutorial by youniss & sening


Hex work by youniss

convert work by sening

We have figured out the method to convert the sfd file

which can be recognized by the PES2012 game.

First of all, you should convert the original movie file to M1V and wav. I use TMPGENC.

(It’s easy to get, just google it.)


Then we add the movie file.

thumb_3f76064c.jpg thumb_40903a55.jpg thumb_57149bca.jpg

Select the mpeg file output


Then we set the parameters of M1V file. ATTENTION: Use MPEG1 ES Mode.


Then wave file output


Set wave parameters.Default ones are OK. (Because it will be modified by the converter later.)


Then you can have a rest icon_smile.gif

thumb_08897a38.jpg thumb_e8e5a361.jpg

We get the following files.


Then we use DCMovieCreator to convert the sfd file.

We should convert the wav file to sfa first, click “start encoding”.


Then convert m1v and sfa file to sfd file.


click “start encoding” again


WHY WE NEED SFA FILE: It can avoid dead loop(when we use wav directly it happens).

WHY WE USE TMPGENC: DCMovieCreator can convert M1V file,but the quality is bad.TMPGENC can provide better quality.

Then the key step:HEX work,otherwise the SFD cannot be recognized by the game.

copy the hex value below


Then you can rename it and copy it to your img folder and enjoy.

thumb_58702186.jpg thumb_8fd81714.jpg


When we name the file pes12ci.sfd/pes12pv.sfd It worked as CG with sound.

When we name the same file pes2012TOP_BG1.sfd/pes2012TOP_BG2.sfd,

the sound will be disabled because of the existence of adx background music file.

OK, that’s it. Here is a sample, please enjoy it !

NIKE write the future AD


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