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How to change the color of letters on the plate – tutorial by marthchyld

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[h=1]Tutorial by : marthchyld[/h] TIP : how to change the color of letters on the plate.

- thanks to R4m130

note: this is just an example.

as you know there are so many duplicated block in the scoreboard files.

remember the color of the letters won’t change untill you edit all duplicated blocks.


each pic above is a part of “unnamed_285(287 for demo).bin of dt06.img” opened by ultimate data explorer.

“block 11″ is the texture block which is used for statistics(fouls, corner kicks, shoot…) plate.

and “block 12″ is the string block of block 11.

string block always comes right after the texture block.

string 0′s color is 4 as you see in pic2.

4 means black color.

the color of string 2 is 128 as you see in pic3.

128 stands for white color.

don’t forget you have to press “apply” button whenever you edit it.


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