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    Petar Škuletic - Partizan
  2. Face by Arkham

    Danko Lazovic- Partizan - Final
  3. Face by Arkham

    Nikola Drincic,Sasa Ivkovic i Vulicevic. :Yeehaa:
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    Matic Benfica,Help me how to change the eye color? Zoran Tosic
  5. Face by Arkham

    Petar Grbic 100%
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    Milos Jojić Privremeni hair :)
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    Polako ih sredjujem :) Evo Saša Ilić Partizan
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    Ispravka Lazara Markovica :)
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    Zapocet Lazar Markovic
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    Ivan Ivanovic Chelsea Full Ismael Beko Fofana Partizan 80% Petar Grbic Partizan 50% - drugi hair treba.
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    Milijas bez haira. Ninkovic..
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    Kakav je? :)
  13. * NEWS * Hi guys ! The new PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2014 V0.1.0.0 is released ! I worked hard to share a full beta version but don't forget is still a beta ! Hope you enjoy it ! * DESCRIPTION * - This tool allow you to edit the PES2014 Option File [OF]. * PLATFORM(S) * - PC only * FEATURES * [Editor] 1. Editing Players - Name - Basics Settings - Positions - Abilities - Player Index (Special Cards) - Motions - Remove Fakes Players Names - Remove Duplicate Players 2. Editing Teams - Name - Home Stadiums - Homeground Names - Team Squad - Formation - Tactics - Team Style - Remove Fakes Teams Names 3. Easy Transfers Players (Drag & Drop system) - Drag and Drop System - Players compare method 4. Global Editing - Stats adjust - Method Adjust - Special Function 5. Editing Stadiums - Names 6. Editing Leagues/Cups - Names - Leagues and Cups Details - Leagues Structures - Remove Fakes Leagues and Cups Names 7. Import / Export Functions - Players : .player files (2014 only) - Teams - Formations [Others] 1. Konami Players and Teams Database (Since PES 2008) 2. Auto Update * DOWNLOADS * http://www.pro-evo.fr/centre-telechargements/viewdownload/13/50 * REQUIREMENTS * You need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework. Framework .NET 4 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 Make a save of your OF before use this tool ! (we don't know what will hapened !) THIS IS A BETA VERSION FOR TEST : Report bugs, problem, questions and suggestions in this thread. * SUPPORT * 1. Be sure that you have NET Framework 4.0 2. For those with powerpacks 10.0 pb : try this http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?Link...27&clcid=0x804 or put this dll in PEES2013 folder : http://www.pees.pro-evo.fr/Microsoft...erPacks.Vs.dll 3. Try to run Editor as administrator * CREDITS * Programer : GoLDoRaKiLLeR© Programer assistant: Bouquenom DLL Decrypt/Encrypt/Checksums for OF 2013: Neogoe64 from EPT Team DLL Decrypt/Encrypt/Checksums for OF 2014: cabry from evo-web DLL Players 2008 : Skip-Br DLL Checksum : Mosu90 DLL Zlib : Jean Loup Gailly, Mark Adler and skunk DLL DevIL.NET : Marco Mastropaolo DLL ListViewEX : mav.northwind DLL Bass, Bass.net ans add-ons : http://www.un4seen.com'>http://www.un4seen.com DLL Bass ADX : MichaelSDL : http://www.un4seen.com DLL VFButtons : TigerFab DLL XPExplorerBar : Mattew Hall DLL Be.HexBox : Bernhard Elbl DLL Kripton Toolkit : Component Factory - http://www.componentfactory.com/ DLL Split Button : wyDay - http://wyday.com/ Sticky Window code : Corneliu Tusnea PES Chants map and research : Tommsen and gigimarulla PES Commentaries map : gabe.paul.logan from evo-web PES Faces map : Damian, tYphO, bartek-br, albertocp and others from evo-web PES Callnames map : EPT Team FM To PES Converter (Excel) and stats pack : Steven McCutcheon FM Genie Scout : Eugene Tarabanovsky http://www.genie.fm/ FM 08 database : Gortop FM 09 database : GoLDoRaKiLLeR© Legend Editor : whivel Increase number of players : zioborgo Players Reputation : hio Link between nationalities and nationals Teams : zioborgo and ninuzzu Original idea for expand logos bin : ninuzzu Relink Leagues Flags : Razib_46 and zioborgo Logos design : Angelone Icons : FamFamFam Silk icons - Mark James - http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/ Icons : Fugue Icons - Yusuke Kamiyamane - http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/ Import appearence from PES 2010 : Tottimas Combinated Ability Formulas : pescato and vialli82 Beta-testing: members and guests of Evo-Web and PRO-EVO forums Piggyback Interactive for Abilities Tool Tips Master Rinaldo for inspired me with Creation Master (Fifa) - http://www.fifa-master.com/ ADX is a proprietary audio storage and compression format developed by CRI Middleware Any others names mentioned are property of their companies And special thanks to Wild@, Mosu90, skip-br, skunk, juce, Ariel, ninuzzu, pouetounet, Angelone, Bouquenom, jenkey1002, barcafan and the members of pro-evo.fr, evo-web forum and ModdingWay! Thanks to my wife and my 2 babies to let me spend time on this program ! Dedicated to the memory of my father José and my grandfathers Raymond and Mario which are gone too soon.
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    Update - Aksentijevic