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  1. |PES 6 UEFA NATIONAL TEAMS PATCH VERSION 4.0 DOWNLOAD| https://www.mediafire.com/file/gty3h5o33tvarb1/Download_links.rar/file (Please, download all files and read instructions in folders to avoid bugs) After two months of work another edition is finally released. Main focus on this Version was to update all teams and to refresh whole patch as much as possible. I talked about it, I updated squads with mix of standard and new players and results look better than I thought (check last publication for my ratings). To be as short as possible, let's skip to new contents and credits. NEW CONTENTS - All 55 teams updated - Formations updated for all teams - About 100 new players created - Fix body model and head size for all players that are playing in NTs (and those who are usually called up) - Kitserver 6.8.2 - Alegor skin and body model - New HD kits for 37 teams (6 more teams also have correct kits, but not HD) - Overlays pack both for EURO and WC Qualifers - Updated gloves for most important goalkeepers - New boots for all players (most of them have personalized ones, while rest have random boots) - New subtitute board - Bibs for medical team - New soundtrack - New graphics - Friendly match scoreboard and graphics - World Cup Qualifiers scoreboard and graphics - World Cup Qualifiers player entrance theme - World Cup Qualifiers calendar bug fixed - Entrance themes pack (EURO and WC Qualifers) - Added stadiums stadiums that were used recently - Adboards for all 55 NTs - New adboards for all 12 EURO 2020 stadiums - 10 UEFA referees As you can see, many things are added to bring patch to another level as I promissed. So far I didn't notice any big bugs. Only thing I must note is that game may crash at begin few times when you enter it (because of new menu) and it might be a bit slow for few secs while editing formations before match. If you notice any other bugs please contact me. CREDITS As always, there were many other editors that helped me or whose work I included. If I forgot someone feel free to tell me: Alegor PES 6 Faces All facemakers whose faces I used Alex091 Bandeeta's PES 6 gloves Benicio EPES6 BlackMaster (Firebird Team) Buggy PES 6 El Sergio Jr PES6 Edition FabVitor Pes Faces Pato_Lucas18 GREEK Revolution Patch PES6 Jonathan Nieve (Gibraltar improvised stadium and banners) Juce M4celo & po4ever PECH - Proevolutionchile PES Firebird Patch PES Retro PES 6 Facemaker Дзмітрый Русак PES 6 France patchs stonecold Pes 6 - Retro Patches PES 6 Shah Ruud Deen Edition PES6 Sharp Rechi Shollym Patch [PES 6] To all of you who supported my work World Stadiums PES6 KITS CREDITS This update wouldn't be the same without bunch of new kits, and thanks to our kitmakers I was able to include 43 out of 55 correct kits (some teams are still not created). Big thanks to all of you: Ángel Kitmaker - PES 6 Anthrax Kits PES6 Castolo PES6 Editions Favio Enrrique Alvarez Ramos Gabs Reyes FXM & KITS Hakan1903 Kits PES6 JeremySvr PECH Editions PES6 PECH Kitmakers WindowOp Kitmaker - PES 6 That's it from me until June and EURO 2020. Now is time to dedicate to things around college. If needed, I will release smaller update with eventual fixes and new kits, but generally I'm off with editing. If you need any help or notice any bugs contact me, I'll respond to messages normally. I don't have much left to say except thank you for your support and I hope you will enjoy this new update. Cheers! #PES6_4EVER
  2. Lijep pozdrav svima, kao što samo ime kaže radi se o patchu svih reprezentacija Europe. Patch je vani već gotovo tri mjeseca, ali sam ga odlučio podijeliti i ovdje nebi li možda privukao nekoga tko će ga rado isprobati. Ovaj patch nudi vam mogućnost da zaigrate EURO 2020 umjesto KONAMI Cupa, UEFA Nations League umjesto European Championshipa, znači možete igrati sa 16 momčadi i umjesto internacionalne lige su umetnute kvalifikacije za EURO - trebate namjestiti full season, igranje sa reprezentacijama te staviti 5-6 momčadi, sve ovisi o grupi. Imat ćete dva graphic packa koji omogućuju izmjenu grafika između EURO-a i UNL-a, detalji za instalaciju i sadržaj napisani su unutar samog packa. Također ćete imati i dva Option Filea, jedan sa standardnim roosterima, a drugi sa roosterima igrača koji su igrali Ligu Nacija. U toku je izrada novog updatea, a za sve informacije o patchu možete mi pitati ovdje ili zapratiti moju Facebook stranicu. Nakon linka stranice, imat ćete kratak opis Verzije 3.0 te download link. Ukoliko prvi puta instaliravate patch, potrebno je skinuti i određene fajlove Verzija 1.0 i 2.0, njih ćete naći na download linku i rade preglednosti je naglašeno koji fajlovi pripadaju kojoj verziji. Idući update vjerojatno izlazi početkom travnja, a progress izrade redovito objavljujem na stranici. Nadam se da će netko probati ovaj patch, ako zatreba pomoć oko instalacije ili primijetite neku grešku slobodno me kontaktirajte. Jedina greška zasada je da unutar kvalifikacija ne možete otvoriti kalendar, ali to se da riješiti tako da obrišete dat folder iz kitservera. Nadam se da će se naći netko kome će se ovaj patch svidjeti, želim Vam svima ugodan dan. https://www.facebook.com/PES-6-UEFA-National-Teams-Patch-101525528341334/ |PATCH VERSION 3.0 - UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE EDITION RELEASE| After many hours of work it's finally time to release another edition of my patch. This edition is special because you will have a chance to play UEFA Nations League as a tournament again and you will have a chance to make full experience both of EURO and UNL versions, all thanks to small details and two Option Files. You have everything explained in post and in download folders, but let's see what are features of this update first: - Over 350 new players created - UEFA Nations League returned as a competition - Added stadiums that were used in UEFA Nations League recently - Added new UEFA Nations League ball - New player entrance theme for both versions of patch - New UEFA Nations League adboards - New UEFA Nations League flags - Individual gloves for all goalkeepers that are playing for their national teams - Two graphics packs - Two Option Files ln short, I made two OFs and graphics packs for better experience of playing. In EURO graphics pack you will find regular graphics from Version 2.0, but with new player entrance theme and EURO Qualifiers adboards for all stadiums. UNL graphics pack contains UNL graphics from Version 1.0 (credit to Shah Ruud Deen) and of course, UNL as tournament and player entrance theme from 2020-21 season and UNL adboards for all stadiums. For each version there are also proper overlays to make experience as better as possible. Inside graphics pack folder you will find detailed descriptions and instructions how to install them properly, so please read it. Two OFs were made because of simple reason: I couldn't make most accurate roosters update beacuse teams mostly used reserved players, so EURO OF will have same squads like Version 2.0, but with some small fixes (for example, players that retired from NTs like Rakitic and Lichtsteiner were removed). All players that were created are also in this OF so if you want you can change teams however you want, all of us are coaches after all. In UNL OF all 55 squads are updated with players that mostly played in UNL. You will also find short description inside OF folder. Biggest minus for this update are jerseys... unfortunately, just 10-15 of them are created so it didn't make sense to me to include them. Also, you can play UNL with Europe A and Europe B teams only beacuse of teams location I can't make Europe C teams playable in that tournament, but you can still play against them in friendly matches. Also, calendar inside EURO Qualifiers bug is not fixed beacuse I couldn't find solution, only thing you can do to fix that is to remove dat-kitserver while playing it. However, before next big update I will release Version 3.5 with some graphics improvements, calendar fix, I will try to find solution to make Europe C teams playable in UNL tournament, maybe OF fixes and, I hope so, new kits for most of the teams. CREDITS Like always, many people helped me with their ideas and contribution, but also with some materials I didn't created (like balls, gloves, etc): Alegor PES 6 Faces Alex091 Benicio EPES6 BlackMaster (Firebird Team) Buggy PES 6 FabVitor Pes Faces Pato_Lucas18 GREEK Revolution Patch PES6 JeremySvr Jonathan Nieve (Gibraltar improvised stadium and banners) M4celo & po4ever PECH - Proevolutionchile PES Firebird Patch PES Retro PES 6 Facemaker Дзмітрый Русак PES 6 France patchs stonecold PES 6 Shah Ruud Deen Edition PES6 Sharp Rechi Shollym Patch [PES 6] WindowOp Kitmaker - PES 6 World Stadiums PES6 Also credits to all of you who support my work. I never thought there will be so much interest in this patch, but with your support you motivate me to continue my work and to improve it in future. I have big plans for this patch and very soon I finally start with CONMEBOL National Teams Patch, because all materials I need are here. Thank you all once more! DOWNLOAD To make things a bit easier I decided to make document with all download links (if you have files from Version 1.0 and 2.0 you don't need to download them again): http://www.mediafire.com/file/dni5yu1ife39amo/Download_links.rar/file If you find any bugs beside calendar bug please contact me so I can fix it for Version 3.5. Enjoy, lead your team to victory with next generation of football and reach the glory!
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