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  1. F1 2018

    Prvi snimci gameplaya, VN Monaka :
  2. F1 2018

    F1 2018 će izaći za PC, XBOX One i PS4 24.avgusta
  3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    “The Power of Football” Continues with PES 2019 as KONAMI Reveals 7 New Authentic League Licenses Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has today announced that PES 2019 will feature seven new fully licensed leagues, with two more to be announced at a later date. This announcement is part of KONAMI’s ongoing commitment to increase the number of licenses within the PES series. The confirmed seven new authentic leagues available in PES 2019 include: Danish Superliga, Portugal’s Liga NOS, Belgium Pro League, Swiss Super League, Scotland’s Ladbrokes Premiership, Superliga Argentine, and exclusive to PES 2019, the Russian Premier Liga. All teams within the leagues will be fully licensed in PES 2019 as well. KONAMI is especially thrilled to have signed the rights for the Russian Premier Liga exclusively, making PES 2019 the only football game on the market where fans can have access to the entire league featuring top clubs such as CSKA Moscow, Zenit St Petersburg and Spartak Moscow. With the latest PES instalment being made available on 4K HDR across all platforms as well as the use of ‘Enlighten’ software for true-to-life visual effects and real time ‘Global Illumination’ lighting and shadows, PES 2019 will offer fans improved in-game graphics. This means better crowd detail, real grass textures and the return of the incredibly popular snow weather effect making those matches in Moscow even more realistic! “Announcing seven new, official football leagues for PES 2019 is a clear sign that we are committed to giving fans more of what they want – more licensed content,” commented Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director for Brand and Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “We are more confident than ever in the direction the franchise is headed and this is just one of many steps we are taking to elevate PES to new heights. We continue to believe in the Power of Football and PES 2019 will be our most powerful game yet featuring more fully licensed leagues and clubs than ever before.” PES 2019 will be available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™ and PC via Steam August 30th globally. PES 2019 will be available in two physical editions, with new global ambassador Phillippe Coutinho on the front cover of the standard edition and David Beckham on a special edition which gives fans the opportunity to unlock myClub bonuses. Also available at launch will be a digital-only Legend edition that will include even more content for myClub! For more information, please visit: https://www.konami.com/wepes/2019/
  4. Smoke patch X20 for PES 2018, please read the release notes before you install this software Install this software following install instructions, this is a full (all in one release), no need for previous versions, small software updates will be made after the world cup begins. Main Changes (from previous version): - added new national teams - includes latest konami DP - updated a lot of kits - updated ball models - updated gloves models - updated boots models - updated face models and tattoos - full compatibility - updated squads (prevision) - added a lot of youth players - added smoke scoreboard (change with scoreboard switcher add-on) - a lot of fixes and enhancements Smoke patch X20 Features: Includes latest konami DP: Konami previously released data packs are all included in X20, latest one is DP4.01, all new features are integrated. some features are not added because the patch already have them, Added More teams: Smoke patch constantly add teams to the game, this version added more national teams to choose from, all the national teams can be used in be a legend or master league modes, all the clubs can be used in all modes as well, Teams added this version are: (Moldova, Cape Verde, San Marino, Faroe Islands, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Kenya, Haiti, Congo, Libya, Sudan, Kosovo, Andorra, Myanmar, Gibraltar, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Tajikistan) Team squads and transfers: All teams get reviewed at some point, leagues transfer windows are different depending on the continent, so a constant review is required. world cup national teams are set provisionally, after the official call ups for all the teams is announced we will make a small update to finish up. Teams correct attributes: All the teams in the game have their real flag, stadium name, team colors, manager and other team attributes, we change and correct any missing details as we go. Most teams are licensed, but we kept two teams for user edit, (we united and pes united) are fully editable and can be exported and imported when a new version is released Players: We removed almost all the fake players (except in the two unlicensed teams), replaced them with real players from different teams, Players stats are from latest konami live update, players added from the patch have correct stats as well. We added a lot of real faces to the game, not as much as in previous game due to the lack of real faces (we do not create the real faces) A lot of players added to the patch, specially youth teams, the players database is getting bigger everyday and we include more players in each version. Real teams kits: We made real kits for all the teams, updated as much as possible, the world cup teams kits are up to date for the world cup, if we missed any then we will include in updates. some kits are not precise due to lack of information. Stadium effects: A lot of stadium effects are added to the game, specially fans chants, all sound effects files are located in the container (smkdb_sfx.cpk), if for any reason you want to remove the sound effects then just copy one of the extra cpk files to the same name mentioned and replace. Real Leagues: Smoke patch replaces the three fake leagues with real leagues, currently added (bundesliga, liga aguila and CSL), new leagues have correct attribution and works just like the leagues already in the game. we are still planning to add league switcher to add more optional leagues, but this is delayed to ensure the game stability, Balls, boots and gloves: a lot of real balls, boots and gloves are added to the game, we do not update them all the time because that would be a waste of time, however this version have update ball models for the new season, boots and gloves also got updated to include the latest models. Graphics: this version have new graphics, a special scoreboard is added along with the new backgrounds, you can remove to change the scoreboard by using the smoke scoreboard switcher from smoke patch add-on menu. Installation: - Extract patch files download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders. - Run SetupsmokeX20.exe run the installer and choose PES 2018 installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and that the installer finished successfully. OFFICIAL LINKS video installation tutorial NOTES: - updating the game EXE is not the patch responsibility. - no previous versions required, only the game and this version. - do not use old edit00000 files (using older or other edit files will cause bugs) - this patch is made to focus on offline modes, online feature will not find opponents due the difference between the patch system files and the original game. thanks to all patch fans and anyone who contributed to the patch.
  5. BHT Premijer Liga BiH

    Željezničar bolji od Sarajeva, povreda Ramovića i oproštaj Zebe obilježili meč U utakmici koju je obilježio oproštaj od fudbala i dresa Željezničara legendarnog kapitena Zajka Zebe, Željezničar je bio bolja ekipa u prvom dijelu, pa je na pauzu otišao sa vodstvom od 2:1. Već u drugoj minuti utakmice Žerić je izgubio jednu loptu na desnoj strani, ona došla do Ahmetovića koji je pretrpio jedan udarac nakon čega je lopta došla do Hebibovića koji je šutirao preko gola. Osam minuta kasnije Željezničar je poveo. Zakarić je sjajno izbacio Šabanovića na desnoj strani i ubacio u sredinu gdje je najsnalažljiviji bio Zajmović koji je glavom pogodio mrežu Pavlovića. U 22. minuti susreta Mehremić je pokušao vratiti jednu loptu za Fejzića, ali je ona došla do Ahmetovića koji se spetljao ispred gola Željezničara. Tri minute kasnije poslije centaršuta Blagojevića iz kornera lopta je došla do Graovca koji je nije uspio ''ugurati'' u mrežu, te je ostalo 1:0. Zajmovićev pokušaj iz 27. minute susreta je otišao preko gola Pavlovića da bi minutu kasnije domaći su tražili jedanaesterac nakon jednog starta nad Zajmovićem, no sudija Mulahasanović nije svirao ništa. Željezničar je udvostručio prednost u 32. minuti susreta. Nakon centaršuta Zakarića, Ubiparip je glavom matirao Pavlovića za 2:0 Plavih sa Grbavice. Sarajevo je smanjilo prednost Željezničara u 37. minuti utakmice. Krste Velkoski je ubacio loptu iz kornera, a najsnalažljiviji u domaćem kaznenom prostoru je bio Joachim Adukor koji je glavom pogodio mrežu Kjosevskog. U 44. minuti utakmice igru je zbog povrede napustio kapiten Željezničara Zajko Zeba uz ovacije cijelog stadiona budući da mu je ovo bila posljednja utakmica u karijeri, a zamijenio ga je Sinan Ramović. Bordo tim je u sudijskoj nadoknadi prvog dijela imao dva dalekometna pokušaja. Prvo je u prvoj minuti sudijske nadoknade opasan pokušaj Alena Mustafića zaustavio Irfan Fejzić da bi minutu kasnije svoj udarac isprobao i krilni fudbaler koševskog premijerligaša Emir Halilović, no on je šutirao preko gola, pa se na poluvrijeme otišlo sa vodstvom Željezničara 2:1. U nešto lošijem drugom dijelu Željezničar je prvi zaprijetio u 50. minuti susreta. Nakon centaršuta Zakarića iz slobodnjaka, Osmanković je zakasnio na loptu, te je ostalo 2:1 da bi u 63. minuti susreta Sarajevo imalo veliku šansu. Naime, nakon centaršuta Velkoskog, Rahmanović je glavom šutirao, no Fejzić je još bolje intervenisao. Minutu kasnije Velkoski se sjajno oslobodio Osmankovića i šutirao lijevom nogom, no lopta je otišla preko gola golmana domaćih da bi u 66. minuti susreta Hodžićev prizeman pokušaj otišao pored gola. Mehremić je u 69. minuti susreta ubacio loptu u šesnaesterac za Zakarića koji je pogodio mrežu Pavlovića, no signaliziran je ofsajd, te je ostalo 2:1. Sarajevo je u 78. minuti imalo još jednu odličnu šansu. Velkoski je uposlio Hebibovića koji je izašao sam iskosa sa desne strane na Fejzića koji mu je odbranio udarac, a tri minute kasnije opasan pokušaj Halilovića je golman Željezničara odbio u korner. U 83. minuti susreta ofanzivac Plavih Sinan Ramović je zadobio tešku povredu noge zbog čega ga je hitna pomoć iznijela sa travnjaka stadiona Grbavica, te su Plavi utakmicu okončali sa deset igrača. Do kraja je Sarajevo pokušalo doći do izjednačenja, a u petoj minuti sudijske nadoknade Rahmanović je pogodio stativu, pa se rezultat do kraja nije mijenjaio i utakmica je okončana pobjedom Željezničara rezultatom 2:1. Stadion: Grbavica. Gledatelja: 4.000. Sudija: Mulahasanović Adis (Sarajevo). Žuti kartoni: Mustafić (Sarajevo). Strijelci: 1:0 Zajmović (10), 2:0 Ubiparip (32), 2:1 Adukor (37). Željezničar: Fejzić, Žerić (79. Projić), Graovac, Osmanković, Mehremić, Blagojević, Šabanadžović (72. Hajdarević), Zeba (44. Ramović), Zakarić, Zajmović, Ubiparip. Trener: Admir Adžem. Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hebibović, Adukor, Mujakić, Šabanović (46. Hodžić), Stanojević, Mustafić (46. Rahmanović), Kuzmanović, Halilović, Velkoski, Ahmetović. Trener: Husref Musemić.
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    Added seven league licenses around Europe. Detailed information will be announced soon.
  7. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    Prepare for “The Power of Football” as KONAMI announces first details for PES 2019, confirms August 30th Launch Date Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has today announced its most exciting football game ever, PES 2019. PES 2019 will fulfil KONAMI’s ongoing commitment to increase the number of licenses confirming; more fully licensed leagues and stadiums, more club licensed partnerships, and a host of new Legends that will be announced in the weeks to come. FC Barcelona star and global ambassador Philippe Coutinho will be featured on this year’s cover while a special David Beckham edition featuring a present-day version of one of England’s all-time greatest footballers. Fans will be able to experience lifelike player movement making PES 2019’s famed superior gameplay even greater as Beckham, Coutinho and more have their unique playing styles brought to life. The game takes player individuality to the next level by introducing a variety of new skill traits that give the player a chance to create Magic Moments on the pitch, which is now the forefront of PES 2019’s superior gameplay. Finding space in tough-to-break down opponents will take a twist as well with Visible Fatigue, which will impact performance and behaviour. New shooting mechanics will take into account improved ball physics, player and ball position, and player skills and shot styles. Hitting the back of the net in PES 2019 will be more satisfying than ever before with new net physics and celebrations added, teamed with new crowd animations. The beautiful game has never looked better thanks to ‘Enlighten’ software for true-to-life visual effects and 4K HDR across all platforms. Real time ‘Global Illumination’ lighting and shadows has led to improved in-game graphics with better crowd detail, real grass textures and the return of the incredibly popular snow weather effect. myClub will see its biggest revamp to date, as the brand new player card design system leads a series of revolutionary changes to the way players build their squads. myClub players can also look forward to finding High Performance Players, including Legend Players and Players of the Weekwith temporarily boosted stats based on real world performances. KONAMI is also excited to continue its partnership with one of the world’s biggest pre-season football tournaments, International Champions Cup (ICC). Elements of the ICC will be implemented into Master League, which will also include a new negotiation system, living menus and realistic transfers, elevating the mode to new heights. PES 2019 players can also look forward to a new menu interface, dynamically updated to bring fans the latest news about PES from the game itself. The new modern look is built around motion bringing the menu screens to life, while giving fans exclusive offers, including discounts on other upcoming products. “KONAMI has listened to the fans and has put their changes and suggestions at the forefront of what makes PES 2019 the best addition to the franchise yet,” commented Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director for Brand and Business Development at Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. “Our number one desire is to give the fans more of what they want and delivering it sooner than ever before. On August 30th, more licensed teams, more fully licensed leagues, and the continued improvement of PES’ superior gameplay. We believe in The Power of Football and that’s why PES 2019 will be our most powerful game yet, with 4K capabilities and improved player individuality bringing all aspects of football to life.” PES 2019 will be available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, and PC STEAM, on August 30th. PES 2019 will be available in two physical editions, with new global ambassador Phillippe Coutinho on the front cover of the standard edition and David Beckham on a special edition which gives fans the opportunity to unlock myClub bonuses. Also available at launch will be a digital-only Legend edition that will include even more content for myClub!
  8. DOWNLOAD : https://mega.nz/#!vV53zQgT!XFDg3oYlSdsFHDF3gj3ullF0qvESNM7l6YNhKLTm8tE DpFileList.bin (Last update : 05/05 09:25 PM) Required if you have not installed a PC mod previously. (Requires having downloaded the 4 Konami DLCs) https://mega.nz/#!CAgTHLKC!AVlg2OkN1_JamIek1p0YGuQuM3BR4-_y_74-i-cxjmo The tutorial : 1) Download the .zip file and save it in the Download folder of the Pro Evolution Soccer installation folder (Default path of the Steam version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018\download) 2) Download if necessary (if you have not installed a mod before) the file DpFileList.bin and save it in the same folder as the previously downloaded CPK file. 3) Unzip the .zip file by extracting the files in the same folder. (The .cpk file must be present in the download folder) 4) That’s all, good game!
  9. Total War: ARENA

    Free to play Total War.Možete igrati online 10 na 10 bitke.Dostupne frakcije su Varvari, Grci i Rimljani.Možeti se staviti u ulogu poznatih vojskovođa kao što su Leonida, Aleksandar Veliki, Julije Cezar...Trenutno je u open beta fazi.Open beta serveri će biti dostupni do 22. februara. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYOVGDjvT0g

    Potrebno je imati instalian v1 pise vam gore,dok ce Svjetsko Prvenstvo biti AIO tj sve u jednom.
  11. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    I dalje saradnja sa Barsom
  12. Knock! knock!! Here we are here again!!! we back again with new Master Patch 2.0.0 the patch will be based on 2 versions original and cracked and it includes: -UCl adboards assigned -UEL adboards assigned -UEFA Super Cup adboards -Copa Del rey adboards -The FA Community Shield adboards -FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP adboards -International Champion Cup adboards -3 new national teams added -Tunisia -Morocco -Croatia -the new national teams are available in career mode too -Faces updated : -Ronaldo hair -Hazard -Pogba -Bernadeschi -naingolan -Bakayoko -Griezman new hair -ect... -all real faces added in the previous version are available with minifaces for cracked and original -new balls : -new La liga and EPL balls -UCL final kyiv added and available in settings -new tattoo assigned : -icardi tattoo -naingolan tattoo -ramos tattoo updated -new Boots update -"THE REALISTIC CAREER MODE" is available in Our Patch(All credits Goes to TheanonymosGem for his amaizing mod) -"Hope u are satisifed with Real work cuz Real is rare and nowa Day Fake is everywhere" ______________________________________________ Team Credits: _____________ AdioszPL AmirGeo FifaChoiGoNiya Houss3m imNICKed Kent MRRahimi PEdro10do7 Riesscar
  13. Photoshop Minikit Generator

    Are you a kitmaker and have trouble to make minikits? Or are you not a kitmaker but have downloaded a beautiful kit without minikit and don't know how to make them? Yeah, your problems are kinda solved. I present you a pack to generate minikits with a little of EA Style just by using Photoshop + the kits textures in just a few steps. How does it work? It's simple. Follow the small tutorial below (my Photoshop is in portuguese, but I guess there's no trouble to understand the steps in the images). And please note that it's still a WIP. The long sleeves models have one base (collar 0) and the others are using Photoshop actions to make it work for now. Individual models for LS minikits are in the plans, but it may take a while. 1- Download and extract one of the Models .rar. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_MDt35nzocWKYgPf_mYfzpWVsOLboF4Q 2- Open the PSB file. 3- Right click the intelligent object "Model" and click "Edit Content". Alternatively, you can double click the intelligent model thumbnail. The Long Sleeves process: 0- If your LS kit is collar 0, you won't have to follow the next steps. It has a single model, just render and your Minikit is ready like the Short Sleeves tutorial. 1- Now that you know how the render stuff works, download this file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ur7-j4mMPxOPmNQz1urVi5KfOIxZPVyn and place in on "C:\Users"YOUR USER"\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (or your current version)\Presets\Actions". You should see the "FIFA 18 Long Sleeves Collars" in your actions tab in Photoshop. Alternatively, if placing the file in the folder don't work, you can load it by clicking in the 4 stripes options in the Actions tab and then in "Load Actions...". 2- Open your desired template PSB file (they are together with the short sleeves model). 3- Let's get started with the LS minikits. Make sure the Short Sleeve folder is minimized as in the image below. You'll have to render the 2 models: "Model SS" and "Model LS" with the same configs. The template has an ok 3d settings for texture and layers, but you can mess around to get different results. In most cases, you'll only need to place the textures, render and save for both models. 4- After the two renders, now comes the "tricky" part: 4.1- Make sure to select the LS folder. 4.2- Find the desired Collar action in the action panel. In this tutorial case, it's number 7. 3.3- Click on play. 6- If everything works fine, the minikit should be ready after the action is played. Just resize to 256x256 and export as DDS and you are ready to import it in FIFA. P.S.: Actions may be a little unstable in Photoshop, errors may occur at some point. Please report any mistakes so I can try fix them until the solo models are ready. P.S.2: You can also play with the layers overlay settings to get different results, like darker or lighter images. P.S.3: You can check my Minikit settings for Intel DDS plugin. They look good in game with this: Hope you all like it. Please give me feedback on how to improve.
  14. * Compatible with PTE & SLS patch, for other patches maybe not all same ID. * Thanks to all stadium makers. Preko 120 stadiona, i to: - EPL ( kompletna ) - CHAMPIONSHIP - LA LIGA ( kompeltna ) - LA LIGA2 - SERIE A ( nedostaje Spal ) - BUNDESLIGA ( nedostaje Stuttgart ) - FRANCE LEAGUE 1 - OTHER EUROPEAN TEAMS Screenshots DOWNLOAD1. https://mega.nz/#!gYUDBbCR!p-mn28cvD...8NDBJukWR_sjNo2. https://mega.nz/#!AdM2EYjS!uCCGVMrHs...P8j_9qlOhVbuSE3. https://mega.nz/#!NMd3HYJB!s-L7fGcjG...uZ4gqmCJetWRxs4. https://mega.nz/#!xcdFkTwI!ekipvw8L3...oDg1hsiIqpzcvI5. https://mega.nz/#!FE0A2byB!NrMCFmtV1...trUzFcxL5Tq4Is6. https://mega.nz/#!kAVA3A4a!e5Okr46dI...uJdaiwxlZCTS507. https://mega.nz/#!9dd2yART!OAV0oDKEq...dsyRt2Po-ZrSqQ8. https://mega.nz/#!RcViyYzb!lUoXY7qmV...NWJbwdz1rHg_PI9. https://mega.nz/#!YddBUa6K!Nzhz1_scP...1vJlAjN_SJYl-810. https://mega.nz/#!sUEgUS4K!N3Km7HOvA...qo57kFkltq9J4Y11. https://mega.nz/#!lM93iSiY!YsIoL3WbU...cYd1YC0iK7RNvo12. https://mega.nz/#!oQ8VnZDQ!E5Y_KFx2L...HpcttHneI3NaDY13. https://mega.nz/#!hAdmjJ7B!5vGiiOKjW...nV9nIxNTtwFzno14. https://mega.nz/#!MUMkTIJZ!2HQrhVCAQ...l8W2XSozLdOxRE15. https://mega.nz/#!EIVn3QZJ!iBXUfbP1t...Rr7LZIlL_MsgLc16. https://mega.nz/#!5JFRQbQK!xZ5NuCOkE...yMUBxTigPSfGUE17. https://mega.nz/#!8c0DgYZa!95MshomOk...Eko9FxX_eGpacc18. https://mega.nz/#!EAc0HBoD!RjsUzEje9...zzx-FbYfHHC7NI19. https://mega.nz/#!kN8RAb4B!pCjci--kt...tWegoYwEcmz96E20. https://mega.nz/#!kF8S1KRY!cBll05M3M...QmuQtvJeRrbXlE21. https://mega.nz/#!VBk0QSqC!Mp8w7dWHH...ytgnXFT2bLro0o22. https://mega.nz/#!VcU2QIKa!mlR1KSJty...6J6ZUzadyQyRP8 map.txt SLS password: dejanr