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  1. Pozdrav drug

    Imam viška slobodnog vremena pa sam htjeo pokušati dali mi ide pravljenje stadiona za pes 20.

    Pošto vidim da si postavio neke tutorijale za pes 19,jel njih moguće kasnije napraviti i za pes 20 ako kojim slucajem meni uspije ovo...

  2. If you have already installed the CYPES 1.0 and Bundesliga 1.0 patch, get this new and updated version, as is all in one. 100% competitions with real names and logos for all leagues and cups. 100% of La Liga, La Liga Smartbank (Spanish D2), Serie B BKT (Italian D2), Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Eredivisie, Serie A, La Liga NOS, Raiffeissen Super League, Turkish Süper Lig, Ladbrokes Premiership, Russian Championship, Belgian Championship, Danish Championship, English Leagues and Other Europe. DOWNLOAD : https://www.custom-your-pes.com/cypes-2-0-ps4-pc/#
  3. English Commentary Callnames For PES 2020 by predator002 Features: – Player Callnames: 2456 original + 6476 added Total = 8932 – Team Callnames: 16 Albania, 35 Argentina, 3 Austria, 8 Azerbaijan, 1 Belarus 17 Belgium, 3 Bosnia, 28 Brazil, 1 Bulgaria, 18 Chile, 16 China 20 Colombia, 11 Croatia, 1 Cyprus, 3 Czech, 15 Denmark, 167 England 1 Finland, 47 France, 108 Germany, 4 Greece, 86 International/Other 18 Iran, 148 Italy, 4 Japan, 1 Macedonia, 24 Malaysia, 19 Mexico 1 Montenegro, 20 Netherlands, 3 Northern Ireland, 1 Norway 12 Paraguay, 1 Peru, 19 Poland, 42 Portugal, 2 Romania, 20 Russia 2 Saudi Arabia, 19 Scotland, 4 Serbia, 1 Slovakia, 3 Slovenia 157 Spain, 1 Sweden, 4 Switzerland, 33 Thailand, 19 Turkey 1 UAE, 2 Ukraine, 16 Uruguay, 1 Venezuela, 5 Wales Total = 1212 Update V3: Players are the focus for this update. I’ve managed to share more callnames between players and also add a good chunk of new names too. Alot of the new names are related to classic players requested by Slarkmeister, his requests have helped keep me focused haha. I’ve also tried to add what I could from other guys too so if a callname has been requested but it’s not in this update then I couldn’t build it sorry. These are new entries: https://pastemod.com/english-commentary-callname-pack-updated-v3/ How to install: – Delete any old files related to callnames from your PES Downloads folder. – Extract ‘Preds_2020_EnglishCallnames.cpk’ to your PES2020 Download folder. – Update DpFileList.bin using DpFileList Generator by Baris. How to install (LiveCPK via Sider): – Ensure Sider is installed. – Extract contents of CPK to a temp location using CRI Packed File Maker. – Create ‘preds-root’ inside the Sider/LiveCPK directory. – Copy contents of temp location to Sider/LiveCPK/preds-root. – Edit Sider.ini in Notepad and add a new line: cpk.root = ".\livecpk\preds-root" LINKV3 https://sharemods.com/z8fn6iz8gmoi/Preds_2020_EnglishCallnames_V3.rar.html http://www.mediafire.com/file/j4irz46agp02als/Preds_2020_EnglishCallnames_V3.rar/file https://www.file-up.org/mwo1374iyoi2 Older version, not needed: https://sharemods.com/e6vrg0kpr96w/Preds_2020_EnglishCallnames_V2.rar.htmlhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/gi2wht1z9vnokar/Preds_2020_EnglishCallnames_V2.rar/filehttps://www.file-up.org/5qx2ok5py9y3http://uploaded.net/file/f00elbo2
  4. Uskoro se vracam u svom stilu dosta toga sam propustio
  5. This sider module, written in Lua, is a new take on that original idea of Kitserver. It allows a lot of freedom in managing kits (uniforms), and also makes it very simple for anyone to draw their own kit and add it to an existng collection. This overall hierarchy of kits – we call it “GDB” (again an old name, which some of you might recognize) – is really just a way to organize kits into folders with a structure that hopefully makes sense and is simple enough to navigate. Kitserver is brought to you by a team of people: zlac, Hawke, Cesc Fabregas, mota10, Nemanja, juce. We have also used information and reverse-engineering efforts of many folks over the last couple of years that helped to understand the format of UniformParameter.bin and other related files. So… without further ado: DOWNLOAD: Kitserver 2020 v1.5 https://mapote.com/pes/kitserver-sider-module/kserv-2020-1.5.7z – automatic selection of goalkeeper kits, using color-matching algorithm. This comes into play only if you have more than 1 goalkeeper kit available for selection for either of the teams. In this case, Kitserver will try to choose a kit that is most different from the player kits of both home and away team – to avoid clashing with either of them. (Note that home GK is not compared to away GK, but only to player kits) How to update your existing Kitserver: if you already using Kitserver, then you just need to replace modules/kserv.lua with the new file from the archive. Changelog 1.45: – contains a fix for GK labels from “1.4-update” – automatically disables GDB kits for teams that are detected as non-licensed Compared to 1.4, the 1.45 version brings a small new feature: it automatically disables kits from Kitserver GDB for teams that are unlicensed. So you don’t get any erroneous switching going on, etc. Go on, download, and give it a try. The archive includes two sample kit collections: for Arsenal and Chelsea, prepared for you by our kit masters: Hawke, Nemanja, and Cesc Fabregas. Note that Chelsea kits are disabled by default – you will need to make sure you have Chelsea licensed, then enable its kits in Kitserver by uncommenting (removing the leading ‘#’ symbol) in map.txt. There is work in progress also right now to create more kit collections – for a lot more teams. The “Editor” only becomes available in Edit mode: when you enter either Teams or Players section and choose a specific team. Installation is easy: 1. Unpack the archive and copy the content and modules folders into your sider. 2. Modify your sider.ini and add kserv.lua to the list of Lua modules: lua.module = "kserv.lua" Pre-requisites: You will need a recent version of sider: Kitserver requires sider 6.2.0 or newer to work. More detailed information will be in the next post, but here is a quick bullet-point list for what Kitserver allows you to have: unlimited kits for players and goalkeepers (for licensed teams only, right now) visual reference in pre-match menu: you see your selected kits, and you can also switch between “Player” and “Goalkeeper” mode in Edit mode, Kitserver provides a simple but powerful “Editor” of all supported attributes of a kit. So you can fine-tune the exact position of number on shorts, or size of the number on the back, etc. ( Many thanks to zlac – author of the Editor! ) support for CompKits (competition kits), where Kitserver will load competition-specific kits, if they are specified for a given team for current competition. Documentation 1. Maps Inside “content\kit-server” folder, you will find two map files: map.txt and map_comp.txt. Let’s start with the first one – map.txt . Its purpose is to link a team (by its id) to a folder that contains the kit collection for this team. So it has lines like this: Folder structure is whatever you want to make it, but typically it makes sense to organize teams hierarchically: into leagues, maybe even continents. But a flat structure is also fine. The second map – map_comp.txt – is used to assign short symbolic names to competitions. This names are then used in order files (order.ini and gk_order.ini) inside kit collections, to assign specific kits as competition kits (“CompKits”). This map looks like this – notice that a competition can have multiple ids, which are used during different stages of the competition: 2, ucl 1026, ucl 2050, ucl 3074, ucl 4098, ucl 5122, ucl 6146, ucl 7170, ucl 8194, ucl 3, ucl 1027, ucl 2051, ucl 3075, ucl 4099, ucl 5123, ucl 6147, ucl 7171, ucl 8195, ucl 4, ucl 5, uel 1029, uel 2053, uel 3077, uel 4101, uel 5125, uel 6149, uel 7173, uel 8197, uel 9221, uel 10245, uel 11269, uel 12293, uel 6, uel 23, fa-cup 86, com-shield 2. Order files Each kit collection must have two text files – order.ini and gk_order.ini. These are used to define the order in which the kitserver will switch them [with “6” and “7” buttons] – for players and goalkeepers, respectively. Also, in those files, you can define which kits should only be used for specific competitions. That’s where the symbolic names (defined in map_comp.txt) come into play. Here’s an example of how order.ini (for players) can look: p1 p2 px-all-white [fa-cup] p1-facup p2-english-cup [ucl] p1-ucl p2-champions-league p3-league-of-champs First section (without a name) contains the default kits which are used for league games, and also they are the first to show up in Exhibition mode. The “p1”, “p2” and “px-all-white” are names of folders that contain the kits – each folder has one kit. It does not matter how the kit folder is named, but it must to be specified in order.ini (and gk_order.ini – for goalkeeper kits). If the kit folder exists, but is not listed in the order file – it will be ignored by kitserver. Next section starts with a section name, surrounded by brackets – for example, [fa-cup] . That name must match one of the competition names defined in map_comp.txt. This tells kitserver that the following are kits to be used in FA Cup (English Cup) competition, and only those kits will be offered for choosing in that tournament. If no competition-specific kits are defined in order.ini for some tournament, then the default (league) kits will be used in that tournament. Only in Exhibition mode (and in Edit mode) you can cycle through all kits in the collection. Default hot-keys for kit switching: [6] – switch to next kit for home team, [7] – switch to next kit for away team [ctrl+6] – switch to previous kit for home, [ctrl+7] – previous kit for away team [shift+6] – start from 1st kit for home, [shift+7] – start from 1st kit for away [9] – toggle between PLAYERS and GOALKEEPERS mode 3. Kit configs Inside each kit folder, you will find yet another text file with a simple format of “name=value” lines. The filename is always the same: config.txt . Comments can appear in those files too: they start with “;” symbol. Kitserver reads and writes those files (in Edit mode, when “Editor” is on – any change gets immediately saved on disk). Most of the attributes are self-explanatory, hopefully. The only types of values that perhaps need explanation are colors – those are written in HTML/CSS format: starting with the ‘#’ symbol, followed by 2 hex chars for each of the Red/Green/Blue channels: #RRGGBB. You should make sure that all color attributes have correct values, because two things depend on them: Kit matching logic that the game uses when to choose non-clashing kits for home and away teams (UniColor_Color1, UniColor_Color2 which typically should have the same values as ShirtColor1, ShirtColor2) Undershirt and underpants to blend seamlessly with the kit (UndershirtColor, ShortsColor) Texture file attributes – KitFile, BackNumbersFile, LegNumbersFile, NameFontFile – specify corresponding filenames for textures (FTEX files), but with the .ftex extension omitted. This is important to get right – otherwise you’ll be looking at blank white kits. The names of the files can be pretty much anything, although something short is preferred. However, they don’t need to have a team id in them or any special characters, and for example, can be named simply like this: KitFile=kit BackNumbersFile=back ChestNumbersFile=chest LegNumbersFile=leg NameFontFile=name Kitserver will first look for texture files right in the kit folder, and if it cannot find them there, then it will fall back on the standard path of Asset\model\character\uniform\texture\#windx11 – which can be provided by LiveCPK roots or regular CPK files. I recommend keeping all textures for the specific kit in the kit folder, or in a team/competition folder in GDB (if several teams use the same textures for numbers/name, for example). This way kit collections stay self-contained and can be re-used across different patches. It is important that a kit config contains all attributes – as seen in sample configs for Arsenal and Chelsea. If you only have a partial config, then you will see strange things happening during kit switching – as if some parts belong to one kit, and some other parts – to another. Example: config.txt for Arsenal “p1” kit : https://pastebin.com/953xEnzm
  6. This is sider version, you must install the SIDER SP20 so you can install this addon. we have converted stadiums from older PES games and from sider stadiums of sp19, we included only the stadiums without camera issues, more stadiums will be added to this server, we will add gradually after correcting any camera issues. Stadiums Sider SP20 Stadium Server: 54 stadiums Santiago Bernabeu Coliseum Alfonso Perez Ciutat de Valencia Estadio Anoeta Estadio Cornella-El Prat Estadio de Balaidos Wanda Metropolitano Estadio Mestalla Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan San Mames Stadium Benito Villamarin Atleti Azzurri D’Italia Stadio Dall’Ara Mapei Stadium San Paolo Luigi Ferraris Genoa Luigi Ferraris Sampdoria Stadio Olimpico Lazio Stadio Olimpico Roma Ennio Tardini Artemio Franchi Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino Dacia Arena Carlo Castellani Paolo Mazza Sardegna Arena Marcantonio Bentegodi Chievo Marcantonio Bentegodi Hellas Verona Benito Stirpe Stadio Via del mare Stadio Mario Rigamonti Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Stamford Bridge Goodison Park Anfield Etihad Stadium Craven Cottage London Stadium Selhurst Park St. Andrew’s Stadium St. James’ Park Vicarage Road Orange Velodrome Parc des Princes Signal Iduna Park Borussia Park Red Bull Arena Volkswagen Arena Commerzbank-Arena Olympiastadion Berlin Estadio Nacional de Chile Red Bull Arena Estadio da Luz Turk Telekom Arena DOWNLOAD : https://pastemod.com/stadium-server-for-sider-sp20/ Installation: (manual installation) – be sure you have the latest sider SP20 – extract the folder and copy in the same place as the sider folder (usually in the game folder) replace files if asked NOTE: if you get (file name too long) error, then extract the stadium files (sider sp20) directly to the hard-disk (c:) then move it to the game folder.
  7. Imat čemo najjači patch za PES 2020 Zna li neko jesu li fajlovi ostali isti,štelim se OF,dresove i još alate raznorazne da radim ,posaljite mi neke tutoriale .Što se tiče photosopa tu sam baš bilmez hahah .Prošle godine krenuo da se štelim ali me obaveze i problemi sprečili da nastavim.Ekipa očekujte me u uskoro u Edit Team
  8. This adds more classic faces and corrects some boots models, adds some corrections reported, errors when trying to access online is corrected, so is saving the edit file crash is resolved, assigns the correct CL balls and adds some updates; now you can start Master League or BAL without having classic players in the youth and free agents. Changes: – Fixed classic players the classics appearing in youth and free agents does not show now when starting master league or other modes (unless you choose the option) – Update graphics fixed some boot models having graphic bugs, added more classic players real faces and various graphic enhancements. – Fixed game exit for steam users a problem reported for steam users where the game crash when the game try to look for live updates is now fixed, press analogue stick in teams select menu to switch to smoke updates instead of live updates. – Fixed edit file save bug fixed some issues in edit mode and with saving the edit file afterwards, this is corrected now and the game save properly. – Corrected CL EL balls as the ball pack is converted from SP19, the balls cannot be manually assigned, because of licences difference between the two games, this update added the correct link lines to have the correct balls in the competition. – Various updates added some missing kit textures, updated some flags and added smoother emblems for some leagues, other small updates are done. Installation: 1- be sure you installed SmokePatch18 2- extract and run installer (select game folder) Links Full 18.0.0 + Update 18.0.2: (doesn’t need other versions) DOWNLOAD : https://pastemod.com/update-18-0-2-290-mb
  9. Features: * Adds the Evoswitcher tool with the latest update 5.0, 5.1 * Adds a large number of faces and update a large number of faces * Updated all kits for teams and national teams * Adding all leagues and teams and national teams in the game * Patch compatible with latest Data Pack 6 * Update all transfers for all teams on 9/6/2019 * Add a large number of mini face to all teams and National Teams * Add the feature of playing all the matches of the CL at night and not during the day * Update all scoreboards for all leagues for the latest update * And many features for you to discover yourselve. DOWNLOAD : http://pasted.co/be010db3 Credits: Ahmed Mohamed CR,Abdo Mahmoud , ginda01, Furkan6141, 1002MB, FuNZoTiK, Lucasvillakapo, Cecs Fabregas, Arthur Torres/lohan258, Quang Tri78, Hova_Useless, eskpist, Hoppus117, spursfan18) DNB , Bydavidpenha , Jonathan Facemaker , Steet Facemaker , Hassan Fathy , Hwake , Zlac , PES Logos , Sho9_6 , shawminator , majuh , predator002 , maritimo,ïl Depo, PES World , juce , Paul81118 , Volun , kelvinchan327 , Prince Hamiz , rkh257.
  10. Patch sadrži : - Patch je kompatibilan Data Pack 6 - Dodan je Evoswitcher tool sa zadnjim update-m 5.0 i 5.1 - Ispravljeni su svi brojevi igrača i odrađen je update face za igrače - Update Dresovi za sve klubove i reprezentacije - Ubačeni su grbovi za sve klubove koji nisu bili licencirani - Odrađen je transfer update do 9/6/2019 - Dodana je grafika za Ligu Šampiona ... - Gameplay default - Dodan je Anti Lag alat da bi patch mogli pokrenuti sa slabijim računarima - Evoswitcher alat 5.0 i 5.1 riješen je sa svim problemima i radi bez problema. DOWNLOAD : http://pasted.co/dbab067d Credits: Ahmed Mohamed CR,Abdo Mahmoud , ginda01, Furkan6141, 1002MB, FuNZoTiK, Lucasvillakapo, Cecs Fabregas, Arthur Torres/lohan258, Quang Tri78, Hova_Useless, eskpist, Hoppus117, spursfan18) DNB , Bydavidpenha , Jonathan Facemaker , Steet Facemaker , Hassan Fathy , Hwake , Zlac , PES Logos , Sho9_6 , shawminator , majuh , predator002 , maritimo,ïl Depo, PES World , juce , Paul81118 , Volun , kelvinchan327 , Prince Hamiz , rkh257.
  11. PES 2019 Argentine Superleague All Stadiums Spisak stadiona : 1240, 009, Libertadores de America, AFA-PES-ARG\Libertadores de America # Independiente 1241, 009, Marcelo Bielsa, AFA-PES-ARG\Marcelo Bielsa # Newells 1237, 009, Presidente Peron, AFA-PES-ARG\Presidente Peron # Racing Club 1242, 009, Gigante de Arroyito, AFA-PES-ARG\Gigante de Arroyito # Rosario Central 2717, 009, Jose Maria Minella, AFA-PES-ARG\Jose Maria Minella # Aldosivi 1238, 009, Unico de la Plata, AFA-PES-ARG\Unico de la Plata # Estudiantes 1239, 009, Juan Carmelo Zerillo, AFA-PES-ARG\Juan Carmelo Zerillo # Gimnasia de la Plata 1236, 009, Diego Armando Maradona, AFA-PES-ARG\Diego Armando Maradona # Argentinos Juniors 1929, 009, Nestor Diaz Perez, AFA-PES-ARG\Nestor Diaz Perez # Lanus 1244, 009, Jose Amalfitani, AFA-PES-ARG\Jose Amalfitani # Velez 1243, 009, Pedro Bidegain, AFA-PES-ARG\Pedro Bidegain # San Lorenzo 2702, 009, La Ciudadela, AFA-PES-ARG\La Ciudadela # San Martin de Tucuman 1294, 009, Malvinas Argentinas Mendoza, AFA-PES-ARG\Malvinas Argentinas Mendoza # Godoy Cruz 2536, 009, Mario Alberto Kempes, AFA-PES-ARG\Mario Alberto Kempes # Belgrano 5046, 009, Mario Alberto Kempes, AFA-PES-ARG\Mario Alberto Kempes # Talleres 1926, 009, Jose Dellagiovanna, AFA-PES-ARG\Jose Dellagiovanna # Tigre 2719, 009, Jose Fierro, AFA-PES-ARG\Jose Fierro # Atletico Tucuman 1927, 009, Florencio Sola, AFA-PES-ARG\Florencio Sola # Banfield 1923, 009, Brigadier Gral Lopez, AFA-PES-ARG\Brigadier Gral Lopez # Colon 1925, 009, Ing Hilario Sanchez, AFA-PES-ARG\Ing Hilario Sanchez # San MartНN TucumБN 1922, 009, Tomas A Duco, AFA-PES-ARG\Tomas A Duco # Huracan 2722, 009, Norberto Tomaghello, AFA-PES-ARG\Norberto Tomaghello # Defensa y Justicia 2729, 009, Padre B Grella, AFA-PES-ARG\Padre B Grella # Patronato 2538, 009, 15 de Abril, AFA-PES-ARG\15 de Abril # Union DOWNLOAD : https://sharemods.com/cnsfpm0grqe2/PES_2019_Argentine_Superleague_All_Stadiums.rar.html
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