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Auuu....Za ovo je treba sigurno neka ultragigamegafantasticna konfiguracjia.

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Pa sami su tražili,godinama ke**aju kako ne valja grafika,sad neće moći 50 % da nas igra. :)

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bem ti leb kakva grafika,samo jbg u pesu ce biti x20 bolja kao po obicaju + bice najbolji pes ikada tako da fifa .i.

P.S. avengeru nemoj da si mi obrisao post :D

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Samo ti i Dani volite pes,a ovi normalni su prešli na fifu. :P


PS. Mare ja ne brišem,ja banujem. :)

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grafika na fifi nikad ne valja, ovo je anelka kojeg sam konvertovao iz fife 11 u 3ds max, a u igri je mnogo losija. kad bi ovakva bila i u fifi, e onda bi grafika bila ekstra ( a kolko vidim tako ce biti i fifa 12 ) :











Auuu....Za ovo je treba sigurno neka ultragigamegafantasticna konfiguracjia.



naravno da ne, ako dobro optimizuju kao sto konami optimizuje pes, onda nece biti potrebna takva konfiguracija

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Kako kod da naprave opet ce biti bolje od PES-a kao i ove godine ;)

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ovo ce biti jedan od najbolje uradjenih fifa igrica.....videcemo kakav ce biti gameplay grafika nemora nista da znaci.....ali kako dobro odradjeno...

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Na Njemačkoj ili Italijanskoj ili Španskoj,nema tih sponzora na dresovima,samo ima na Engleskoj verziji igre.

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ako neko nije provalio, ea sports je uzeo boje iz poslednja 2 pesa i ubacio u fifu...

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Extra slike :ave: samo nemoj da se lozite previse, bice ovakva grafika al u k***u hehe

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Fifa 2012 first details


FIFA 12 introduces the 'Impact Engine' which properly tracks and formulates contact between players, including their hips, knees etc.

The AI will also keep track of areas of the body players have been injured during a match. Players can also become injured off the ball if abused too much, especially late in the game.

FIFA 12 also introduces 'AI Vision Game' (rough translation), which promises to make passing more realistic. If you try to complete a pass to a player that's not within visible range, for example, it's less likely you'll complete the pass. EA hopes this will get rid of "blind passing".

Personality Plus is more developed and should influence AI players' passes this time.

AI is said to be "more human", with each player acting more or less according to his abilities. One example given is when an AI player sees Fabregas coming towards him with the ball, he'll act more carefully.

OPM describes "new presentation" of matches in FIFA 12, which are said to be very much inspired by English football crowds.

The game includes three new arenas, this time with integrated benches along the sidelines and "impressive lighting effects" according to OPM France.

Integration of a new short dribble with the left stick.

The game features a new camera that's noticeably closer to the ground.

There's also a new menu interface that appears to be simpler and more ergonomic than before.

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Utisci novinara koji su imali priliku da odigraju Fifa 12


New Camera Angle

First off they say the new camera angle is quite similar to the one in pes2011, at a low angle, from a perspective and makes the pitch seem bigger. it follows the action (so for example if ur down on one wing, the opposite one wouldnt be visible).The camera is default but can be adjusted or sth like that (like with the other camera settings of height zoom etc). He feels this adds a bit more 'punch' to the game.


New menu which is simpler, slicker, more ergonomic. Says its a refreshing addition as he felt the previous fifas menus were 'heavy'(sluggish). But he says though its faster, its not necessarily easier to navigate - as in to find stuff.

Speaks of real time calculation of contact points on the body.

limited amount of contact zones as in no clumsy or silly falling over when making contact esp off the ball. Like running into your player and knocking yourselves out.

New A.i Vision range

The new A.I thingy with vision range. So picture yourself on the pitch, when you have a player in your sight, its a lot easier to pick out an accurate pass, but when you hear a player call out from behind you, u cant see him so u cant tell exactly where he is hence your pass will have more error. So while this doesnt mean you cant do back passes or blind/long range passes, theyll have more error. This is to avoid people getting out of complex situations with passing the ball without 'looking'. Obviously when you're playing as a gamer, you can see 'more' players and choose the player in the best position. But now you have to think about best position in relation to the player. He hopes this 'over-simulation' does not take out the fun.

They feel a.i was to scripted an now theyve modified it such that it plays to your player's strong points. If in BAP for example, as a tall player, your team mates will try to cross more and send high balls and if you're a short quick player, they'll try more through passes.

Automatic pressing is out-

they way its described is very similar the one is pes2011 - pressing x apparently brings you closer to the attacker but you have to press it again to tackle so player only goes in the instant u press x. mistiming gives fouls away.

New way of sheilding ball

apparently - in fifa11, strong players had too much of an advantage as they shoved aside weaker players but you dont always need to be strong to be able to 'protect' the ball. He gave a real life example of Messi being intelligent enough to put himself round the ball and adjust his body to keep it.

Left stick dribbling

Really good idea as people dribble more with left stick and hardly tend to use right one. Says he didnt test it but from what he heard people who tried it out said it was well integrated and useful when using highly skilled players.

Attack/ defense equilibrum

says theyve been logically balanced lol

New match presentations

THeyve changed cutscenes. way you pick kits is different (as in menu style i guess). Says it is PES-inspired.


Will force people to rotate players as tired players can get off the ball injuries such as pulling a muscle. Oversprinting as well, like when u sprint and the bar reaches red, and u keep sprinting and sprinting etc. He says an option of having ur players warm up before being subbed on was suggested as getting on without warming up can lead to ur player pulling his hamstring quicker.this was only something that was mentioned and doesnt know if theyve actually implemented it. Would be a nice touch though.

Says injuries can happen to different body parts like shoulder. (said sth about If you take a hand to your face player could fall and hold it. I think again this was more of a suggestion as he hasnt actually seen this but would definitely add realism.

3 new stadiums

Touchline added.

More life will be added to it. (hopefully in terms of the subs warming up and the coaches walking about/ reacting to the match,)

New lighting system is really good. Makes game look more beautiful. He and several journalists were impressed by it.

The rest they say is not really important.

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Nove informacije o enginu.


FIFA 12's new Impact Engine is the "biggest change" EA Canada has made to the franchise since rebuilding the game for next generation consoles, according to lead gameplay designer Aaron McHardy.


Detailed at length in OXM issue 73, which goes on sale 10th May, the Impact Engine swaps out the canned collision animations and injury calculations of older games for a true-blue physics system that dramatically enhances the realism of play, or so EA Canada claims.


"It's the biggest change we've made since we rebuilt the engine for next-gen consoles," McHardy told deputy editor Mike Channell. "I mean we rebuilt the engine from scratch, so that's as big as it can get, but since then we're ripping out a big chunk of the game and it's a massive change."



"It solves a lot of problems for us this year, it gives us better accuracy, better momentum, more realistic outcomes, solving a lot of situations that we just tried not to get into before," he went on.


One of the areas the Impact Engine affects is tackling. If a tackling party clips your trailing leg, you should have the momentum and balance to keep your feet - but if that player connects with your front peg, you'll go down like a sack of potatoes.


"Now we're opening up the game so you can get into these situations and see new cool and interesting things, but also it lays a foundation for places for us to go in the future," McHardy enthused.


"When you think about the resilience of the player and the ability for someone to take a hit and continue dribbling, we didn't have that ability before in our game because you were either dribbling or you were stumbling. Now we have that grey area and it's something we can play with down the line, just to give you some vision of where we see these kind of things going."


For more FIFA 12 info - including details of how EA has bolstered the defensive game and how the inclusion of Pro Players can alter the flow of a game - get ye down the shops on 10th May. You can also buy OXM online, or even - whisper it - set up a subscription.


FIFA 12 launches later this year.

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Jesu ruzni brate

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